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Overlake Hospital Leadership

Overlake Medical Center Board of Trustees

Gregory Collins, Board Chair

Jim Doud, Secretary

Patricia Bedient, Treasurer

Richard Clarfeld, MD, Chief of Staff

Thomas Stoll, MD, Chief of Staff Elect

Robert Campbell, Assistant Secretary

Ron Aviles, MD, Board Member at Large

J. Michael Marsh, President & CEO

Jorge Cerda

Janine Florence

David Hovind

Linda Mahaffey

Nolan Newman

Phyllis Stark

Russell Stockdale

Senior Management

J. Michael Marsh, President & Chief Executive Officer

Tom DeBord, Chief Operating Officer

Gary McLaughlin, Executive Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer

David Knoepfler, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Julie Clayton, Vice President of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer

Richard Bryan, Vice President, Clinical Integration, Chief Compliance Officer

Molly Stearns, Chief Development Officer

T.D. Sam Baxter, Vice President of Professional Services

Lisa Brock, Vice President of Human Resources

Caitlin Hillary Moulding, Chief Strategy Officer

Marlene Tuttle, Director, Medical Staff Services/Health Information Management

Valerie Chrusciel, Interim Chief Operating Officer of Overlake Medical Clinics

Medical Staff Leadership

Rick Clarfeld, MD, Chief of Staff

Thomas Stoll, MD, Chief of Staff Elect

Ron Aviles, MD, Secretary-Treasurer, Board Member at Large

Department Chairpersons

Foundation Trustees

  • Ted Herb, Chair
  • Linda Mahaffey, Past Chair
  • Jason Thompson, Chair Elect
  • David Goldstein, Treasurer
  • Tiffany Koenig, Secretary
  • J. Michael Marsh, President/CEO
  • Molly Stearns, Executive Director
  • Brittany Barker
  • Merrill Behnke
  • Lauren Bennett
  • Ned Clapp
  • Sarah Doud
  • Patty Edwards
  • Alice Harris
  • David Knoepfler, MD
  • Dan Kwon
  • Warren Michelsen
  • Steve Nicholes
  • Mark Quehrn
  • Sue Raschella
  • Tara Reimers, MD
  • Cecille Schuman
  • Vandana Slatter
  • Susan M. Smith
  • T.J. Woosley

Auxiliaries Board

  • Lynnette Anderson, President
  • Susan Feldman, Vice President
  • Phyllis Stark, Representative to Hospital Board
  • Cecille Schuman, Representative to Foundation Board
  • Brenda McCallon, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Lani Mobius, Governance Chair
  • Molly Stearns, Executive Director
  • Lisa Antush
  • Barbel Kappes
  • Patty Murphy
  • Isa Nelson