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How to Apply

Overlake has an online tool to automate and simplify the job application process. Search for Jobs to review positions available.

Below is an explanation of the steps to take to apply for a job using the online tool:

  1. First, click Search for Jobs.
  2. Review and make the following selections:
    • Choose Overlake Medical Center or Overlake Medical Clinics.
    • Job Category: Choose a category that matches your skills and experience (if you are not sure what category to select, click tip for a detailed list).
    • Job Status: Full-time, part-time or per-diem.
    • Date Posted: This allows you to select positions posted within a specified number of days (a quick and easy way to check for new postings).
    • Or search by Job Title Keyword.
  3. Check the Select box next to the job title that matches your skills and experience, click view selected jobs or click directly on the position.
  4. The next step after selecting the position that matches your skills and experience is based on whether you are a current employee or not.
    • If you are not an employee, select Click Here to Apply Online.
    • If you are an employee, select Current Employees Click Here to Apply Online.
  5. Select New Search or Return to Jobs.
  6. To manage your application and search, Click Log In Now to manage your application and search and/or register as a first time user.
  7. Determine your Username and Password (case sensitive) and remember them; you will use these each time you return to your online profile.
  8. Complete the online profile. This process could take up to 30 minutes or more.
  9. Use the continue button to move from screen to screen.
  10. To be considered for a job, please complete all sections including the Survey Questionnaire that follows the application.

Registered Visitors

There is no need to create a new online profile each time you apply.

  1. Login with your Username and Password that you created when you first completed your online profile. Your Username and Password are case sensitive.
  2. Review the list of open jobs: by category, keyword search, location or select. Search all categories to see a comprehensive list.
  3. After you have selected one or more jobs, review each section of the application to make sure it is current and up-to-date. To update your information, select the appropriate tab at the top of the screen. Update just the screen that needs changes (phone number, address, new credentials, etc.).
  4. Apply Now when you have completed your review and want to apply.

Benefits of being a Registered User

  1. Ability to quickly apply for new job(s).
  2. View the job(s) to which you have applied.
  3. Update your online profile at anytime.
  4. Automatic notification of positions that match your search.

Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations to access job openings or apply for a job, please call: 425-688-5921, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

Helpful Hints

Take the time to be as complete as possible when filling out your online profile. Current information increases your opportunity for possible employment. Any change to your online profile information requires only a simple update to the relevant screen.

Resumés and Other Information

Please add your resumé to your online profile. You can provide it through an electronic link or by cutting and pasting it into your profile. While a resumé is helpful, keep in mind that a completed online profile is necessary when applying.

Maintain Confidentiality

To keep your information secure, do not share your Username or Password.