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Application Process

Filling Out and Managing Your Application

How can I get help with the application process or if I have a technical problem?

  • For additional assistance or help with a technical problem with the application process, you can contact Human Resources at 425-688-5000, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I have completed my application, the EEOC survey and questionnaire, what happens next?

  • You can view your application status by logging into your Overlake candidate profile.
  • The My Jobs page shows the job to which you have applied, status, requisition number, a link to the job posting and the date you applied.
  • Your application is reviewed by a recruiter in Human Resources.
  • Only the candidates who meet the qualifications are forwarded to the department’s manager for review and/or contacted by the designated recruiter.
  • For information about your job status, check your My Jobs page. The most common job statuses are:

Reviewed – Human Resources is reviewing qualifications.
Forwarded – Candidate reviewed by Human Resources and resumé sent to the hiring manager for review.
Not Hired – Candidate was not considered for this position.
Hired – Candidate has been hired for this position.

Can I send my resumé, cover letter, references and licenses to add to my application materials?

  • When filling out your application, you will have the opportunity to cut and paste any of the above.
  • Please do not submit these materials to the “Contact Us” page on our Web site or to our site’s webmaster.

After You’ve Been Hired

What is Overlake’s dress code?

Many hospital departments have departmental-specific requirements and guidelines.

Here are some general, minimum standards relevant to all employees:

  • Generally, Overlake's dress standard is business professional.
  • Clothing must be properly fitted, clean and neat at all times.
  • Jewelry should not interfere with job responsibilities for reasons of safety and appearance.
  • Fragrances and perfumed lotions or hygiene products are strongly discouraged. Use of these products may be prohibited in certain departments.
  • Name badges must be worn at all times while on duty, with photo and name clearly displayed.
  • Clothing styles must be those traditionally acceptable for professional business.

When I begin working in my department, where do I park?

  • We provide free parking to our employees in designated areas, depending on where you work.
  • If you work on the main hospital campus, you park in the Employee Parking Garage.
  • If you work in the 112th at 12th building on 112th Avenue NE, you will park in the building’s underground parking garage.
  • Off-site Overlake locations have their own parking.

Does Overlake support alternative commuting options?

  • Yes. Overlake encourages alternative methods of commuting, including carpooling, use of Metro, vanpooling, and other environmentally sound approaches to reduce pollution and congestion.
  • Free bus passes are offered to employees in a.6 FTE status or greater (48 or more hours per pay period) who commit to taking the bus at least 75 percent of the time to and from work.

What is Overlake’s smoking policy?

  • Overlake is a smoke-free organization except in designated area(s).

How much do I get paid and when do I get my first paycheck?

  • We believe the most important employees are the ones already working for us and to not create disparity, our employees are paid based on their years of experience.
  • Payday is every other Friday.
  • Each paycheck is for the two-week pay period ending on the Sunday prior to the payday.