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The Accounting Department is comprised of Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assests and System Training. A more detailed description of each follows:

Accounting – Maintains the financial records of the organization. Accounting is responsible for internal and external financial reporting, and tax returns.

Payroll – Processes the payroll for all employees.

Accounts Payable – Processes all payments to vendors.

Fixed Assets – Tracks fixed asset additions, transfers and disposals.

Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling System Training – Trains staff on these two hospital-wide systems.

Staff Details

Accounting in healthcare offers a mix of routine monthly responsibilities and a constant array of projects to keep up with the changing environments. Staff have responsibilities that can cross over the major functions within the department. Our staff work well together and support each other.

Career Paths

There are different levels of Accounting positions that depend on the nature of the position and the experience of the person holding the position.

Accounting staff are sent to off-site education relevant to their positions.

Work Hours/Shifts

Shifts generally start at 8 a.m., with the chance of flexibility on start and stop time. Typical FTEs are 1.0.

Number of Employees & FTEs

6.75 FTE – Accounting
1.75 FTE – Payroll
3.2 FTE – Accounts Payable
0.5 FTE – Fixed Assets
1.0 FTE – System Training