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Cancer Support Services


Cancer Registry: The Cancer Registry staff – Certified Tumor Registrars – serve an extremely valuable role in improving care for patients with cancer through the collection of specific data extracted from a patient’s medical record. The data is used as a basis for research on the origin, causes and the reach of cancer, as well as the effectiveness of the various treatment options available. This information collected is used by local, state and national cancer organizations to review patterns, outcomes and survival rates.

Oncology Social Worker: The Oncology Social Worker for the Cancer Center at Overlake complements the medical treatment available by providing emotional support, teaching coping skills and addressing complex family or social concerns that could hinder treatment. The social worker can provide assistance with everything from financial aid applications to emotional support for both the patient and family members.

Staff Details

The staff in Cancer Support Services are here for a career – not just a job. They want to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. Our Cancer Registry reports that at state cancer registry meetings comments are made that Overlake is a great place to work and that the organization is supportive of the registry.

Our Oncology Social Worker, who recently relocated here from a very large and new cancer center in Alaska, reports that the Cancer Center at Overlake practices its multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care on a daily basis, and that she feels fully involved and part of the cancer care team.

Career Paths

Cancer Registry: By 2010, Cancer Registry staff will need to have earned at least an associate’s degree to qualify for the Certified Tumor Registrars exam. Non-certified tumor registrars may be hired (with an associate’s degree) and assistance can be provided to meet the requirements to sit for the Certified Tumor Registrars exam.

Ongoing educational opportunities are available to registry staff throughout the year including multiple Web conferences for continuing education and the opportunity to attend a national cancer registry conference.

Oncology Social Worker: An opportunity to attend national conference of oncology social workers.

Work Hours/Shifts

Oncology Social Worker – Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (80 hours per pay period).
Cancer Registry Staff – Hours and days are variable.

Number of Employees & FTEs

2.4 FTE – Cancer Registry Staff (3 employees)
1.0 FTE – Oncology Social Worker