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Contracts & Reimbursement


Payor Contracting – Negotiating contracts with insurance companies for payment of healthcare services.

Reimbursement Analysis – Monitoring and analyzing projected changes in reimbursement from government agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid, and insurance companies.

Underpayment Recovery – Analyze and follow up with insurance companies when there are discrepancies between actual and expected payment received.

Staff Details

Positions within the department are very independent. There is a high level of job satisfaction in recovering money that was due to the organization we did not originally receive.

Career Paths

Although there is not a logical career path within the department due to its small size, there is a logical progression from Patient Financial Services to Contracts & Reimbursement.

Staff are sent to off-site educational conferences relevant to their positions.

Work Hours/Shifts

Day shift with flexible hours/schedule.

Number of Employees & FTEs

1.0 FTE – Payor Contracting/Reimbursement Analysis
2.0 FTE – Underpayment Recovery