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Dining Services


Dining Services is comprised of Patient Dining, Catering, Nutrition Services and Café Dining. The department prepares and serves food to more than 250 patients each day, in addition to the visitors we serve in two cafés and three espresso café locations on the Overlake campus.

Staff Details

Dining Services prides itself on promoting initiative and creativity for staff in their work assignments. We listen to our team and implement their ideas. Our employee satisfaction and café customer satisfaction ranks over 90 percent. In fact, many of our kitchen staff has worked at Overlake well over 20 years.

The leadership of the department is very approachable and they take pride in the growth and development of our team members.

Career Paths

Many employees in Nutrition Services are hired with a four-year degree in Nutrition. They work as Diet Technicians to gain experience in dietetics and then apply for internships either through local or distance dietetic programs. Successful completion of an internship allows the student to become a Registered Dietitian.


We sponsor dietetic internships in clinical Nutrition Services. Job shadow opportunities are also offered to students from local schools pursuing careers in the food service field.

Work Hours/Shifts

Shifts are scheduled every day of the week starting as early as 2 a.m. and as late as 10:30 p.m. While we do offer some weekday only positions, we have a fair amount of positions that work weekends and holidays as well.

Most staff are full-time with a handful of on-call staff. Our on-call staff generally fill in for open shifts on a pre-scheduled basis.

  • On-call staff are usually given first choice at available part-time or full-time positions.
  • Shift hours vary. We have several shifts that require people to work every weekend or every other weekend. We have a few shift schedules that work Monday through Friday.
  • Most shifts start around 5-6 a.m. and end around 7-8 p.m.

Number of Employees & FTEs

Dining Services makes up about 80 FTEs. This includes Clinical Nutrition Services, Café Dining Services, Patient Dining Services and Catering.

Go Green Campaign

Dining Services’ hospital-wide “Go Green” campaign was initiated by executive chef, Chris Linaman, who wanted to incorporate local, organic greens to the menu and offer daily fresh salads. This led to a cascade of additional changes including eliminating trans fats from all cooking; using healthful, multigrain breads supplied by Seattle’s Macrina Bakery, and other bakery products are purchased through another local supplier, Mostly Muffins, whose products are 99 percent Trans fat free.

Fish has become another regular menu staple, including grilled Ahi tuna, cod and salmon. We procure these lean and heart-healthy fish from EcoFish, a distributor of seafood from ecologically sustainable sources.

Other sustainable foods we offer include Starbucks fair trade coffee, rBGH-free milk and organic yogurt. Even our vending machines—Canteen Vending’s Balanced Choices Selections—offer low carbohydrate, sugar free, reduced fat, caffeine free, hydrating beverages and soy products.

Dining Services has also implemented changes to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment. We eliminated all Styrofoam products and switched to recyclable and compostable paper products. We also began a comprehensive recycling program of mixed paper, plastic and glass in all patient care units and departments on campus. In addition, Overlake started working with the City of Bellevue and Cedar Grove Compost Company to begin a food and paper composting program. Leftover food scraps from the catering and café kitchens as well as patient meals trays are separated into appropriate bins for recycling and composting. Three days a week, compost bins are emptied and the material is turned into soil-enriching compost for local yards and landscaping services.