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Information Services


IT Services is Overlake’s central information technology department, providing infrastructure, applications and services that support the hospital and clinic business activities.

IT Services also provides the Central PBX function for Overlake.

Staff Details

We are a team oriented group that provides support to our customers and each other. We value honesty and integrity, and like to have fun.

Career Paths

There are career paths for technologists. Careers that support our clinicians and business associates for End User Devices (computers, phones, bar code readers and other devices), Applications, Network, Server, Security, Access Management are the major opportunities within the department.

Work Hours/Shifts

IT Services is made up of a blend of salaried and hourly employees. The majority of the team works Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and an on-call rotation.

Number of Employees & FTEs

38 FTEs in Information Services
12.5 FTEs in PBX