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Day Hospital Program


The Day Hospital Program is an alternative to overnight hospitalization. Patients attend treatment Monday through Friday from approximately 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Typically, a patient will attend the program 7 to 10 days before moving to a less intensive and less frequent treatment course. Before starting the program, a patient will attend an individual evaluation that identifies their diagnosis and treatment goals. Group therapy is the primary treatment.

The Day Hospital Programs (adult and adolescent) are part of an overall continuum of services that allow patients to have more choices and options in the area of mental health services.

Staff Details

Our Day Hospital Department is a tightly knit group with a common goal of serving our patients. They provide group therapy, utilization review/pre-authorization, discharge planning and family therapy services for patients. The team is instrumental in meeting Overlake’s mission of serving the community by providing timely access and less restrictive options to services that are lacking in the overall community. In fact, we are the only hospital-based day hospital program in the entire Puget Sound region that provides services to more than one age group (adults and adolescents).

Day Hospital staff are engaged in their work through a process that encourages them to communicate ideas and problem solve to meet both program and organizational goals.

New Grad, Student Programs and Internships

The Day Hospital Program currently participates in nursing student rotations on a quarterly basis and has participated in Recreational Therapy student internships.

Career Paths

Social Work
Recreational Therapy
Mental Health Counseling
Program coordination/administration

Staff are encouraged to pursue professional growth and educational opportunities both within and outside Overlake. Many staff have completed pre-requisite, bachelor’s and master’s programs while employed at the Day Hospital.

Work Hours/Shifts

The typical work hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Number of Employees & FTEs

1.0 FTE – Day Hospital Coordinator
1.0 FTE – Social Worker
1.0 FTE – Recreational Therapist
8 FTE – MD position with an FTE equivalent of approximately

There are two other Overlake programs at the Outpatient Clinic that share the same space—the Outpatient Program and the Specialty School Program—with approximately 35+ staff overall within the combined programs.


The Day Hospital is located a mile north of the main hospital campus, in a small business park setting.