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Outpatient Psychiatric Services


The Outpatient Psychiatric Services Clinic sees individual patients for psychiatric evaluations and ongoing medicine management for psychiatric illnesses.

Patients are evaluated at their first appointment to determine the diagnosis and recommended treatment including frequency. The patient will return for a medicine management appointment with intervals ranging from once per week initially to every three months when stabilized.

Staff Details

The front office staff is responsible for patient registration and scheduling, on-site medical records management, prescription refills, utilization review and pre-authorization, physician support and administrative support, depending on position.

The outpatient behavioral health department is a tightly knit group with a common goal of serving our patients. The team is instrumental in meeting Overlake’s mission of serving the community by providing timely access to services that are lacking in the overall community.

We are one of very few hospital based outpatient clinics in the entire Puget Sound region.

Outpatient staff are engaged in their work through a process that encourages staff to communicate ideas and problem solving to meet both clinic and organizational goals.

The outpatient staff are able to enjoy seeing their patients get better. Staff are encouraged to pursue professional growth and educational opportunities both within and outside Overlake. We work with staff to support growth opportunities.

In collaboration with the leadership team, staff actively participate and are accountable for achieving identified organizational goals in the areas of employee and patient/student satisfaction, the program budget and patient/student safety.

Career Paths

Patient access positions
Medical assisting
Medical records
Counseling/Mental Health Specialist
Practice management

  • Often, line staff are exploring career options while being exposed to the educational/behavioral health outpatient environment.
  • Many staff have completed pre-requisite, bachelors, and masters programs while employed at the Outpatient Clinic.

Work Hours/Shifts

The clinic is open Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Typically, shift start times range from 7 to 8:30 a.m., with shifts lasting until 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Number of Employees & FTEs

The Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic has the following positions:
1.0 FTE – Outpatient Coordinator
1.0 FTE – Mental Health Specialist (MHS)
2.0 FTE – Patient Access Coordinators (PAC)
4.6 FTE – Physicians

There are approximately 35+ staff overall within the combined programs.


The clinic is located a mile north of the main hospital campus in a small business park.