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Benefits Eligibility

Your eligibility for benefits is based on your FTE (full-time equivalent) or, simply put, how many hours per pay period your position is budgeted for.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Full-time employees and part-time employees who hold a budgeted position of 48 hours or more per pay period are eligible for all of the benefits described on this chart.
  • Employees who hold a budgeted position of 47 hours or less per pay period are eligible for specific programs as indicated on this chart.
  • On-call employees are eligible for programs that do not have a minimum hours requirement.

Family Benefits Eligibility

Medical and/or Dental Coverage

If you are eligible for and choose Medical and/or Dental Plan coverage for yourself, you may enroll these eligible family members, too:

  • Your spouse.
  • Your unmarried dependent children to age 25.
  • Your unmarried dependent children past the usual age limits, if mentally or physically disabled and still qualifies as a dependent.

Spouse and Child Life Insurance

Benefits eligible full- and part-time employees who purchase Supplemental Life Insurance coverage (optional benefit) may also purchase Dependent Life Insurance coverage for their spouse and eligible children.

  • You may purchase a maximum life insurance policy on your spouse equivalent to 50 percent of your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage. The cost of the spouse‚Äôs insurance is based on the age of the employee and the amount requested.
  • You may purchase a $10,000 life insurance policy on all eligible dependent children for one low monthly premium, provided you have elected Supplemental Life Insurance coverage on yourself.
  • This insurance pays a lump sum benefit to you if your spouse and/or eligible children die while covered under this plan.