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Frequently Asked Questions

New Hire Sign-Up and New Employee Orientation Questions

What should I wear to New Hire Sign-Up and New Employee Orientation?

Please come dressed in business casual attire (no shorts, jeans, low-cut tops or flip flops). For your comfort, we suggest you wear a sweater or other clothing that you can layer, as it can be difficult to make the room a temperature that is comfortable for everyone.

Where should I park?

For New Hire Sign Up Orientation

New Hire Sign Up Orientation is located in the Overlake Medical Pavilion, across from the main entrance to the hospital. Click here for a map, directions and parking information.

For New Employee Orientation

Hospital Orientation is located in the PACCAR Education Center. Please park in the Compact Car Lot located directly behind the Employee Parking Garage. The Employee Parking Garage is located across from the hospital at 1100 116th Avenue NE. If you have an oversized vehicle, you may park in the Oversized Vehicle Lot directly next to the Compact Car Lot. If you cannot find a parking space, then you may park in the Employee Parking Garage. Regardless of where you park, be sure to put the provided parking sign on your dashboard so that you do not get ticketed. This parking sign was given to you by your recruiter, either via e-mail or hard copy. Click here for a map.

Benefits Questions

When do my benefits start?

All benefits are effective on your start date, except for the retirement 403(b) plan and the health and welfare insurance plans (medical, dental, life and long-term disability).

You are automatically enrolled in the 403(b) plan after 60 days of employment. If you properly elect the health and welfare insurance plans, they begin on the first of the month following 30 days of continuous employment. Note that not all employees are eligible for all benefits.

Can I roll money from another retirement plan into Overlake’s retirement plan?

Yes, if the other plan is an employer-sponsored qualified plan and consists only of pre-tax dollars and tax-deferred dollars (salary deferrals, earnings and employer contributions).

For the rollover form, please contact the Human Resources Coordinator at 425-688-5201, extension 8230.

Will I receive identification cards for the medical and dental plans?

If enrolled, you will receive an identification card for the medical plan. For the dental plan, you only need to provide your dentist with your Social Security Number.

General Questions

What is Overlake’s dress code?

While many departments of the hospital have departmental-specific requirements and guidelines, some general minimum standards are relevant for all employees:

  • Generally, Overlake's dress standard is business professional.
  • Clothing must be properly fitted, clean and neat at all times.
  • Jewelry should not interfere with job responsibilities for reasons of safety and appearance.
  • Fragrances and perfumed lotions or hygiene products are strongly discouraged. Use of these products may be prohibited in certain departments.
  • Name badges must be worn at all times while on duty, with photo and name clearly displayed.
  • Clothing styles must be those traditionally acceptable for professional business.

When I begin working in my department, where do I park?

We provide free parking to our employees in designated areas depending on where you work. If you work on the main hospital campus, you park in the Employee Parking Garage. If you work in the 112th at 12th Building on 112th Avenue NE, you park in the building’s underground parking garage. Off-site Overlake locations have their own parking.

Does Overlake support alternative commuting options?

Yes. Overlake encourages alternative methods of commuting, including carpooling, use of Metro, vanpooling, and other environmentally sound approaches to reduce pollution and congestion. Free bus passes are offered to employees in a.6 FTE status or greater (48 or more hours per pay period) who commit to taking the bus at least 75 percent of the time to and from work.

What is Overlake’s smoking policy?

Overlake is a smoke-free organization, except in designated areas.

When do I get my first paycheck?

Payday is every other Friday. Each paycheck is for the two-week pay period ending on the Sunday prior to the payday.