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New Hire Sign-up Orientation (NESO)

New-Hire Sign Up Orientation (NESO) is a half-day session and is located at the Overlake Medical Pavilion, across from the main entrance of the hospital.

What to expect at New Hire Sign-up Orientation

NESO is your first day of work. You will be paid for the time spent at NESO. A light breakfast and beverages (coffee, tea, water and juice) are provided throughout the morning. The day will begin with you checking in and finding your seat. At the start of orientation you will have the opportunity to have your picture taken by Security your ID badge.

The agenda for NESO is as follows:

  1. Review of the new hire paperwork you previous completed online to enroll you in our payroll system.
  2. Delivery of key contact, payroll and program information.
  3. Distribution and presentation of comprehensive benefits overview.
  4. An overview of the electronic time card system and resources, including how to access e-mail and online policies.
  5. A presentation by Infection Control.
  6. Completion of required training and testing (HIPAA, Hazardous Materials).

New Hire Sign-up Checklist

Please bring the following REQUIRED documents with you to NESO. These items verify your legal right to work for Overlake and ensure that you will be paid in a timely manner.

  • I-9 Documentation. A Social Security card and driver’s license, or current United States passport are the most common forms of documentation. A complete list of approved documents was included with your offer letter.
  • Voided check (for checking account) or deposit slip (for savings account) for the bank account that will receive your direct deposit paycheck.
  • Original licenses, certifications and/or professional registrations applicable to your position.
  • Original CPR card, if applicable to your position.

You may need to attend Nursing Orientation, depending on your position. Your recruiter will discuss this with you before your first day.

In addition to NESO, New Employee Orientation and Nursing Orientation, you will be given a Department Orientation to provide you with specific department policies, procedures and responsibilities.

Dress Code

As NESO is your first day of work, please come dressed in business casual attire (no shorts, jeans or flip flops). For your comfort, we suggest you wear clothing that you can layer, or bring a light jacket or sweater, depending on the temperature. Once you complete NESO, depending on your position, you may have specific attire, such as scrubs. Please check with your manager as to what your position requires. Business casual or scrubs are appropriate for New Employee Orientation and Nursing Orientation as well.