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Employee Health

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Your position with Overlake is contingent upon your successful completion of the required health screening process. For safety and regulatory reasons, these requirements must be completed before your start date. If you have not completed them before your start date, you will be unable to attend New Hire Sign-Up and Hospital Orientation, and will not be allowed to report to work.

How do I set up my Employee Health visit?

Immediately after acceptance of your position, contact Overlake Employee Health Services at 425-688-5648 to set up your appointment.

Where is Employee Health located?

Employee Health is located on the main hospital campus in the 1051 Building, Suite 305. This three-story building faces 116th Avenue NE. Free parking, accessible from 116th Avenue NE, is available. Click here for a campus map.

What does the health screening cover?

The health screening includes TB screening and immunization review. Depending on your upcoming position, it also may include a Hepatitis B vaccination, titers and/or PAPR respiratory testing.

If, upon speaking with the Employee Health nurse prior to your visit, it is determined you already have some of the required records, you may fax them to Employee Health Services at 1-866-590-2199.

What do I bring to the health screening?

  • Driver’s license or other federal or state-issued picture identification.
  • Documentation of:
    • 2-part MMR immunization (measles, mumps, rubella vaccine).
    • 2-part Varicella immunization (chicken pox).
    • 2 TB (PPD) tests within the past year.
    • 3-part Hepatitis B immunization (for patient care positions only).

What if I don’t have some or all of the required tests?

If you do not have documentation of a particular immunization and/or the TB test, the Employee Health nurse will administer it at Overlake’s expense. In the case of an immunization, you will first be checked for antibodies to see if you have had the immunization and it remains active within your system; if the test is positive, the Employee Health nurse will not need to administer the vaccine to you. You may also have the immunizations or TB testing done at your doctor’s or public health office at your own expense; Overlake will not reimburse you for testing done outside of our Employee Health office.