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Employee Parking

Our goal is to provide safe and secure parking for all of our employees while offering the best possible care to our patients.

Where can I park and how much does it cost?

All designated employee parking is located across the street from the hospital on 116th Avenue NE. The parking structure has a fully visible sign that designates that the structure is for hospital employees only. For employees utilizing parking between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., parking is authorized in the following areas:

  • Employee Parking Garage
  • Compact Car Lot (behind Employee Parking Garage)
  • Oversized Lot (for oversized vehicles only)
    1. All employees are required to park in the Employee Parking Garage and display an Overlake Hospital employee parking sticker.
    2. An employee identification badge is required in order to gain access into the Employee Parking Garage at all times (entering through vehicle or pedestrian traffic).
    3. There is no cost for employee parking.

If the Employee Parking Garage, Compact Lot and Oversized Lot are full, the following alternate parking locations may be used in this order:

For oversized vehicles only:

  • If the Oversized Lot is full, go to Valet Parking and have the valet park your vehicle.

For all other vehicles:

  • A sign will be posted by Security once the Employee Parking Garage has been determined full and will route all employees to the South Parking Garage.

I work the night shift; am I still required to park across the street?

All four parking garages (North, South, West and Employee) are open to employees for free from the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Friday.

  1. If you take advantage of this parking privilege, you must be out of the parking garage by 6 a.m. or notify Security you will be staying over. Security will work with each employee on an individual basis.
  2. If you work any shift that begins before 6 p.m., you are required to park in the Employee Parking Garage.

What about weekends and holidays?

All four parking structures (North, South, West and Employee) are open for free every weekend and scheduled holidays.

What happens if I get a ticket?

Consequences for non-compliance with these procedures are set forth below. Unpaid parking violation fines may be subject to collections processing and corrective action.

First offense: Written ticket issued with $15 fine.
Second offense: Written ticket issued with $35 fine.

Third+ offense: Written ticket issued with $50 fine.

  1. Employees who are issued two or more tickets are subject to their manager being notified and their manager taking corrective action.
  2. If additional tickets are issued after the first managerial notification, the employee’s manager will be sent a second notification and the employee may be subject to further corrective action.
  3. If additional tickets are issued after the second managerial notification, the employee will be subject to additional managerial notifications and corrective action up to and including termination as initiated by the manager of other intervening authority. Additionally, the employee’s vehicle may be impounded for any violations following the second managerial notification. Any impounds will be at the employee’s expense.

Does the hospital offer carpool/vanpool incentive parking?

Yes. We offer designated carpool, vanpool and motorcycle parking. Contact Engineering at 425-688-5952 for more information or to register for carpool parking on level 4 of the South Parking Garage. We also offer designated parking for long term employees (27 years or more of service, which is designated through Human Resources and Security).

  • If you plan to ride the bus to work more than 75 percent of the time and meet other necessary criteria, you may obtain a hospital provided Flex Pass through Human Resources. For more information about this program, contact Human Resources at 425-688-5921.
  • Two areas have been authorized for motorcycle parking: one area is in the West Garage adjacent to the ticket booths and the other is directly to the right as you approach the booths at the main entrance of the North Garage. Motorcycles must use these areas or park in properly marked parking stalls in their authorized areas.

What if I have disabled or special needs parking?

Overlake provides close-in parking for employees who are disabled or have special needs. Please contact Employee Health Services, at 425-688-5381 for more information on this program. Employees with a state handicap placard should register with Employee Health Services as well. Overlake will provide an appropriate parking area for employees with special needs.

How do I receive a copy of the parking policy?

The parking policy is located in Lucidoc for all employees to review. You may access Lucidoc from the hospital Intranet, Karly, which will direct you to the most updated policy revision. Once on Lucidoc, go to Administrative Services - Security - Parking Policy.

Where can I get further parking assistance?

  • For questions concerning parking, contact Security at 425-688-5955.
  • For Flex Pass information, contact Human Resources at 425-688-5921.
  • For carpool/vanpool concerns, contact Engineering at 425-688-5952.