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Why Volunteer at Overlake Medical Center?

Overlake volunteers greet visitorsVolunteering at Overlake offers a unique opportunity rarely found in other health care facilities. Volunteers can provide support in a variety of settings. They are often the first and last contact for our patients, their families and visitors. Volunteers are at the front door, discharge lobby, patient bedside from emergency services to surgery recovery, and in every medical unit in the hospital.

We offer generous benefits for our volunteers.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Annual volunteer recognition celebration.
  • Free beverage and meal on volunteer day.
  • Free parking.
  • Free medical screening and annual flu shot.
  • Annual holiday celebration.
  • Volunteer of the Month and Year program.
  • Reference for employment or service hours (at discretion of department).

Volunteer Testimonials

“Overlake has provided outstanding care for me and my family. I want to show my appreciation by volunteering.” 

“At age 86, feeling useful is quite important. I get an abundance of that at Overlake.”

“I have a great dog; she brings smiles and companionship to patients through Pet Therapy.”

“I could not get into nursing school even though I had a 4.0 GPA because I had never been in the hospital setting, so I started volunteering on the Medical Surgical floor and I have been accepted to Seattle University and chosen an area of interest because of my experience at Overlake.”