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Employee Testimonials

What is it like to work at Overlake?

Employees insist that Overlake is different than other hospitals in that the hospital is small enough to create a caring, team environment-yet large enough to offer employees challenges and opportunities.

We invite you to read what employees have to say...

Trisha Marsolini

Staff Nurse-Inpatient Oncology
"Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to help people," says Trisha. And she does just that in her role on the patient care team, where she is the 'eyes and ears' for the physicians and other providers, and makes sure that care plans run smoothly. "The bonds you form with the patients and the team is like family. I always try to go beyond the needs of the patient and give them the best patient care possible. The team is always there for you...they give you wings and help you fly...and catch you if you fall. Overlake chose me! I grew up in Bellevue, did my training here and always felt comfortable in this environment. I was drawn to it. I love working at Overlake...the bonds with other people here help you get through life's challenges."

Estella Cheng

Patient Care Technician-Childbirth Center
Estella emigrated from Hong Kong 11 years ago and until recently, worked in the Environmental Services department. She qualified for Overlake's tuition reimbursement program and completed her Certified Nurse Assistant training, and then Overlake placed her in her current role. "I am so proud to be here!" she says. "I love this job, and the mother/baby unit is such a happy floor. The people are so friendly and nice. And there is always something new to learn. All of the nurses and doctors do a good job and by doing my best I help the team provide excellent care."

Alma Lewis

Hospitality Representative-Hospitality Services
The first thing people notice about Alma is her smile. The second thing is that she makes "the best coffee in town." She emigrated from the Philippines 13 years ago, seeking opportunity and equality in the United States. Alma primarily runs the espresso stand, but helps wherever needed throughout the Café. "I like to do a lot of different things and learn more skills. I don't get bored here, because I'm not only in one place. When you like your job, it feels good to go to work... The people here make this a comfortable place...they make you feel at home. Everyone is very nice and treats you like you're an important person. I like to work here, I love my job and I like what I do...that's why I stay!"

Dahlila Stell

Volunteer Resource Specialist
"In 2001 I started here at Overlake as a Patient Access Coordinator in the Admitting department. I advanced to the Lead position which I held until 2004. In 2005 I applied for a job in house that would offer me growth and other opportunities but allow me to maintain my benefits. I now share in the responsibility of maintaining our volunteer program. It is a joy and a privilege to be surrounded by Overlake Hospital volunteers. They are so impressive and dedicated. We have several volunteers that have been here for more than 35 years and if that isn't impressive enough our oldest member is 91 years young! These wonderful people make Overlake a very special place. I am often bombarded with positive feedback from the staff about the continual comtribution that our volunteers make to the various departments to which they provide service. They are a very big part of our friendly atmosphere."

Michael Wade

Manager-Diagnostic Imaging
"I help pave the way for patients to get the best care in the imaging arena," explains Michael, who manages a staff of 45 people. "It is a privilege to impact people's lives in a positive way. Patients are not normally here because they want to be...our goal is to make the experience the best it can be by being warm, caring and professional.... We have the best of all worlds...a tremendous staff, positive people, support from the hospital administration. Overlake is a forward-thinking organization...we continue to move ahead technologically and stay on top of the industry. I have never left and not wanted to come back the next day. I like showing up in the morning and really enjoy the part I play."