Who or what is Pulse? 

  • Overlake supporters that make an annual donation of $100 or greater and invest in excellent medical care for the Eastside (Don’t forget to check if your company will match your gift!)
  • Community members in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and interested in learning about Overlake Medical Center as a resource for themselves, their families, and their companies
  • Community leaders and professionals seeking community involvement, philanthropic, and networking opportunities
  • Businesses committed to the health and wellness of the Eastside community and involving staff members in community leadership and engagement roles

The Pulse! Impact

  • Through collective giving, the impact of each Pulse! donation is strengthened by its peers. For less than $10/month, Pulse! members can be proud to know that their investment in excellent medical care for the Eastside community is making a strong impact
  • Pulse! members act as ambassadors for Overlake by getting to know the resources available at Overlake and our hospital leadership and medical staff through quarterly events, tours, and other activities
  • Involvement in Pulse! is your opportunity to give back while connecting with your community, including fellow philanthropists and business leaders

How To Get Involved

  • Review the three Pulse! levels and donors benefits, plus the Corporate Mentorship program
  • Sign up online by making a donation and activate your involvement in Pulse!
  • Follow Pulse! on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • And finally, invite a friend to join and share in community involvement, giving back, and philanthropic fun together!

Questions? contact us at pulse@overlakehospital.org or 425-688-5533

Pulse! Leadership Council

Pulse! Leadership Council Co-Chairs

Rachele Bouchand - Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank 

"Access to top notch medical care and health is the foundation that allows us to do amazing things in our community."

Ryan Broms - Tarragon

"My involvement with Pulse! stems from my wife's brush with death and treatment by the doctors at Overlake. Without their rapid diagnosis and treatment plan, she would not be with us today."

Leadership Council

Brittany F. Barker - Fortin Group

"For over 50 years and across generations Overlake has been supporting families in our Eastside neighborhoods through its commitment to providing outstanding medical care everyday. It is important to me that Overlake is here for another 50 years and beyond as an integral part to the health of our communities. That's why I support Overlake. That's why I joined Pulse!."

Raj C. Butani, MD - Overlake Internal Medicine Associates

"Overlake provides the ultimate combination of top-notch providers and staff, comprehensive cutting-edge medical care and a personalized, service-oriented approach that is rarely seen in modern-day medicine. I feel fortunate to be a part of this unique and thriving medical community, where I know almost all of my medical colleagues personally and would feel fortunate to have any of them care for myself or a family member. As a founding member of Pulse, I am afforded a unique opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the community in which I live AND work!” 

Geoffrey Chow, MD - Proliance Surgical Specialists at Overlake Medical Center

Patricia Donnellan - Microsoft

"Exceeding all of my experiences with the medical community on the Eastside, in addition to Overlake being a non-profit hospital, I am forever grateful for the doctors and staff treating my mom's breast cancer and giving me 20+ more precious years with her. And I believe we aren't IN the community, we ARE the community; I will continue to pay it forward with our amazing hospital, a critical component for all of our lives."

Jim Gregson - Parker, Smith & Feek

"I am inspired by the work Overlake does, as well as the challenges it faces.  Now more than ever, community hospitals need our support to provide assistance to those most in need."

Steve Hilbert - Copperstone Partners

"So much of feeling better is state of mind. In addition to treatment a patient needs to feel cared for and nutured. Not only does Overlake Hospital have the best doctors in their respective fields, but they treat patients with respect and care that goes above and beyond just the clinical treatment."

Allison Z. Kollack - Wellspring Group CPAs, PLLC

"I'm excited to be a member of Pulse!. I thoroughly enjoy networking and working with other members of my community. Younger individuals, while being charitable, tend to overlook healthcare facilities as an avenue for their philanthropy in favor of supporting causes more relevant to them at the moment. As the concept of wellness grows, my hope is to raise awareness of the importance of supporting Overlake now to ensure the quality of our healthcare in the future."

Allison Lord - Caliber Home Loans

" 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world' - This statement speaks volumes to me and is why I decided to join the Pulse! Leadership Council. Sitting back and imagining change will not create it. You have to 'Be the Change.' "

Haidee Luk - BNY Mellon

"Overlake is an integral part of the community and helping (in any way I can) the Eastside and those who live around me is why I joined and continue to support Overlake."

Gopika Moolgavkar - Envestnet | Tamarac

 "I grew up in Bellevue watching my parents and their contemporaries support and nurture Overlake Hospital into the facility it is today. I joined Pulse! to further my family's commitment to top level medical care and encourage my generation to continue in this tradition."

Tiffany Williams - HUB International Northwest, LLC

“I’m proud to be a member of the Pulse! Leadership Council – my father suffered from a series of 3 heart attacks each of which was treated at various hospitals. His third was treated at Overlake and the care and commitment surpasses any experience we’ve had. It’s now over a month later and we’ve received not only continuous medical attention but personal follow up as well. I am proud to give back to Overlake and its community as they have given so much to me and my family.”

Pulse! Information & Benefits

Community Leaders & Supporters

As a nonprofit hospital receiving no public tax support, Overlake relies on your gifts to provide exceptional care for our patients and families.

Annual Donor Benefits

$100 - $499 Annual Level

  • Invitations to quarterly PULSE events, with access to top doctors and “hot topic” presentations and opportunities to network with fellow community leaders
  • The latest Overlake news and updates on the impact of PULSE’s collective support
  • Recognition on PULSE webpage

$500 - $999 Collaborator Level

All of the benefits listed above, plus:

  • Invitation to a hands-on tour of the DaVinci surgical robot
  • Invitations to small group, exclusive breakfast and lunch conversation series with Overlake physicians
  • Name listed in Overlake’s Annual Report to the community

$1,000+ Ambassador Level

All of the benefits listed above, plus:

  • Opportunity to take a customized behind-the-scenes hospital tour with family, friends or clients
  • Invitation to Hospital and Foundation Board Networking Events
  • Name included in Overlake’s donor recognition display in the hospital

Join Overlake's Pulse! Network today!

Please note: Corporate matching gifts may be credited towards your annual Pulse! giving level and benefits; however, can not be applied to your overall Foundation annual report or hospital donor wall list.

Corporate Mentorships
An opportunity to feature your company’s commitment to the health and wellness of the Eastside community and to involve members of your staff in community leadership and engagement roles alongside their peers from a range of industries. For details about Corporate Mentorship giving levels and benefits, please view the Corporate Mentorship section below.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Pulse! Events:

January 18, 2017: Plastic Surgery & Skin Care “Doc Talk”

Join Pulse! donors and friends for a glass of wine and a fun and casual conversation with three members of Overlake's medical staff at our January "Doc Talk." Dr. George G. Min and Dr. James Ridgway of Newvue Plastic Surgery and Dr. Erik H. Suh of Suh Esthetics will provide a unique look at plastic surgery and skincare. 

When: Wednesday, January 18th, 5 pm - 6:30 pm

Where: Newvue Plastic Surgery, 10047 Main St #103, Bellevue, WA 98004

 RSVP by emailing pulse@overlakehospital.org

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Past Pulse Events:

July 30, 2016: Pulse for Pulse! Pure Barre class fundraiser

Pure Barre Bellevue is hosting a special donations only "Pulse for Pulse!" class on Saturday, July 30th, from 2 to 3pm, to benefit Overlake Hospital Medical Center.

Hosted by Pulse! Leadership Council members Gopika Moolgavkar and Rachele Bouchand, this class will get you pulsing and tucking for a good cause!

June 20, 2016: Pulse! DaVinci Surgical Robot Hands-On Tour

Pulse! Collaborator and Ambassador donors participated in a hands-on tour of the DaVinci Surgical System in one of Overlake's ORs.

Pulse! put on the very cool "bunny suits," learned about the technology of the DaVinci and the ways in which it is used to perform various types of surgeries, and had the opportunity to "drive" the robot. A unique behind-the-scenes look at Overlake and the great work our teams do to care for patients.

May 14, 2016 Bandage Ball

Thank you to Pulse! donors and friends for joining us on May 14th at Bandage Ball in celebration of the Power of Nursing! More than $1.26 million was raised in support of continued training and education of Overlake’s nurses, which will enable them to continue to provide the community with the very best care. Click here to see all the photos from the event. Password to download photos: overlake

February 9, 2016, Event at INTERMIX - Bellevue Square

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Pulse! event at Intermix a success. Co-hosted by Merrill Behnke and Tiffany Williams, this great event featured new spring fashions with 15% of sales supporting patient care at Overlake Medical Center. Check out fun event photos on the Pulse! Fb page.

October 7, 2015, Event at the Bellevue Club

On Oct. 7, at the Bellevue Club, Pulse members and guests had a great opportunity to talk about all things related to exercise, including heart health and exercise-related injuries with Overlake's own Manager of Rehabilitation Services, Garrett Knappe, PT, DPT and Cardiologist, Dr. James D. Watson.

Thank you to our raffle item donors:

Patricia Donnellan, Microsoft

Pulse! Leadership Council

June 2, 2015, Event at Tavern Hall

On June 2, more than 75 guests joined us to celebrate the Pulse! kick-off and collectively have already raised more than $4,400 in support of Overlake Medical Center. Your donations and raffle ticket purchases directly support Overlake's Ensuring Excellence Fund, which supports the constellation of programs that allow Overlake to deliver medical excellence every day.

For information about future Pulse! events and news, follow Overlake's Pulse! Network on Facebook and LinkedIn, plus check out photos from our June 2 event!

Thank you to our event sponsor: BNY Melon

Thank you to our raffle item donors:

Jim Gregson, Behnke and Broms Families, Pulse! Leadership Council, Total Wine & More, and Patricia Donnellan

Pulse! Is a community leader and Overlake ambassador program focused on people ages 45 and under who wish to learn more about Overlake and the resources available to you. All are encouraged to attend who wish to meet new people and get involved in their Eastside community.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, email pulse@overlakehospital.org

Pulse! Roster

  • Quinn Allen
  • Brittany F. Barker
  • Ryan Broms
  • Rachele Bouchand
  • Dr. Raj C. Butani and Dr. Mona M. Butani
  • Joseph and Christine Callans
  • Hal and Beth Charvet
  • Steve Curran
  • Patricia Donnellan
  • Jim Gregson
  • Jack and Meredith Groseclose
  • Stephen B. Hilbert
  • Anastasia Hurtado
  • Chris M. Kang
  • Michelle L. Kiefel
  • Galya and Blake Kirstine
  • Garrett Knappe
  • Allison Z. Kollack
  • Bo Lee and David Kwon
  • Allison Lord
  • Jeff and Sarah McMorris
  • Gopika Moolgavkar
  • Alexander Oki
  • Casey Oiness
  • Lorrie O’Neal
  • Katherine Pliska
  • Laurie Perkins Rahr 
  • Ryan Roberts
  • Daneka Sarkies
  • Natalie Scarella and Andre Suttles
  • Tatyana Sushkina
  • Heather Thibeau
  • Jason Thompson
  • Jeff Wahl
  • Kylie and Brent Lyman
  • Alyson S. Willard
  • Tiffany Williams

Thank you to our 2016 corporate partners:

  • Intermix
  • Pure Barre

Pulse! Corporate Mentorship

An opportunity to feature your company’s commitment to the health and wellness of the Eastside community and to involve members of your staff in community leadership and engagement roles alongside their peers from a range of industries.

For more information about how your business can become a Pulse! Corporate Mentor, contact Michelle Kiefel at 425-688-5533 or michelle.kiefel@overlakehospital.org.

Pulse Corporate Mentorship

Download the benefits of corporate mentorship PDF

About Overlake’s Pulse! Network: A donor and ambassador group for community members in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and in support of Overlake Medical Center. Through engagement in Pulse! activities and events, Pulse! donors play an integral role in the longstanding tradition of philanthropy, leadership, and community involvement at Overlake, a centerpiece of the Eastside community for more than 55 years.

Pulse! social and fundraising events feature wellness and health care topics presented by Overlake Medical Center and are attended by 60-100+ of the Eastside’s most active community leaders and professionals. Special guests include Overlake physicians, executive leadership, and members of the Hospital and Foundation boards.

Thank you to our Premier Corporate Mentor







Thank you to our Partner Corporate Mentor

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Mark Your Calendar!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hyatt Regency Bellevue
5:30 pm

Funds raised will benefit the Overlake Neuroscience Institute.


Click here to learn more about Bandage Ball 2017.

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