Bandage Ball 2020

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Even Acrobats Need a Safety Net

Like food and housing, medical care is a non-negotiable need and something everyone in our community should be able to access. The “safety net” is the network of assistance and services that help ensure our community members can meet these basic needs. Overlake plays a critical role in the safety net for the Eastside.

A medical crisis can happen to anyone at any time, and help is here for you.

  • If you have a heart attack, receive a cancer diagnosis, or get into an accident, you need immediate high-quality medical care. Overlake is here to “catch” you.
  • If your family needs help to find care for a loved one when they leave the hospital, our social workers will catch you with advice and assistance.
  • If your mom develops Alzheimer’s disease and you’re the overwhelmed caregiver, our support groups will catch you.
  • And if you are struggling financially and medical bills are the last thing you need, we’ll catch you, too, with financial assistance and counseling. 

At Bandage Ball 2020, our incredibly generous community will have a chance to re-affirm the importance of caring for our neighbors. All of them.

Please join us!

May 2, 2020
Hyatt Regency Bellevue

Details and registration coming soon.