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Healthy Outlook

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  • Winter 2020 (PDF) Minutes Matter: Overlake’s Leading-Edge Stroke Care Is Essential for the Eastside 


  • Fall 2019 (PDF) Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss
  • Summer 2019 (PDF) Cardiac Operating Rooms: New Space for State-of-the-Art Care
  • Spring 2019 (PDF) Women's Health: Comprehensive Care for Every Phase of Life
  • Winter 2019 (PDF) Primary Care Where You Live & Work


  • Fall 2018 (PDF) Men's Health: Comprehensive Services for Every Stage of Life
  • Summer 2018 (online version) Summer 2018 (PDF) Innovative Research | Access to Clinical Trials at Overlake
  • Spring 2018 (online version) Spring 2018 (PDF) Cardiac Electrophysiology | Advanced Care for Irregular Heartbeats
  • January-February 2018 Epilepsy Care | Individualized Treatment for a Common Neurological Disease




Annual Report