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Position Code:     63520                         Job Title: Nurse Practitioner

Cost Center:        7173                          Reports to: Supervisor OP Clinical Services

Description Date: May 2013                 Supervises: None

                                                              Exempt: X    Non Exempt:

Job Summary:  The Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) will assume specific responsibilities for the assessment and comprehensive management of patient care including assuming role of “treating physician” in the Outpatient Center and Issaquah Anticoagulation Clinic.  The ARNP will provide consistent high-quality patient care through favorable patient outcomes, cost efficient procedures, and high patient satisfaction and accountability.

Job Responsibilities:  (**Essential job function)

Within the scope of the advanced registered nurse practitioner's knowledge, experience and specialty scope of practice statement(s), the licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner will perform the following functions:

**Maintain regular clinic hours and assist with management of Anticoagulation Clinic and Diabetes Services patients (if designated) while providing a supportive network of care with other staff.

** Assess, evaluate and educate patients new to Anticoagulation and/or insulin therapy to adequately maintain therapeutic range of anticoagulation/blood glucose levels according to their health and diagnosis; assess patients for complications related to therapy and appropriately refer to physicians for follow-up.

**Monitor response to treatment plan and changes in health status.  Provide consultation with patients regarding:  International Normalizing Ratio (INR) changes; diabetes and blood glucose management; insulin dosing and adjustments; medication management as appropriate; follow-up activities with their physicians, or other health concerns.

**Link patient with available help in order to decrease rates of complications.  Assists with referrals to physicians or other health care practitioners and facilities as needed 

**Evaluate current medications and prescriptions and their efficacy within the scope of services; adjust as needed.

** Perform accurate documentation of patient care plans and services provided including billing for services rendered.

Educate staff as necessary on clinical issues affecting patient care.  Act as role model and clinical resource to staff, applying a specialized knowledge base to the care of the patient.

Promote health to patients through educational opportunities or individual discussions.  Including but not limited to community service and/or hospital presentations.

Follow the policies, procedures, and practices outlined in the Code of Conduct and Organizational Ethics policy.  Report any business practice/compliance concerns according to organizational policy.

Participate in Improving Organizational Performance (Quality Improvement) activities at the personal and departmental levels.

Contribute to the fiscal viability of the Department.

Participate in any future planning processes.  Identify, evaluate and recommend appropriate new services which enhance Overlake Hospital’s and the departments’ mission.

Exhibit behaviors that support the organization’s service standards.

Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education:  Master’s degree in nursing from a nurse practitioner training pathway required.

Professional Licensure/Certification/Registration:  Current licenses to practice as a Registered Nurse and as an ARNP in Washington State required.  Must also be BLS certified.  Employment is contingent upon successfully obtaining credentials and privileges as an Allied Health Professional at Overlake Hospital Medical Center.

Experience:  Two years Registered Nurse experience preferred.  Two years ARNP experience preferred, preferably in an anticoagulation and/or diabetes clinic.

Special Training/Skills:  Maintain competency in Point-of Care Testing devices and complete Annual Competency review.  Demonstrates ability to practice in a highly independent environment.  Ability to work collaboratively with patients and all health care providers.

Working Conditions:  Clean, well-lighted, heated, and ventilated health care facility. 

Overlake is an Equal Opportunity Employer, please see our EEO policy.