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Pharmacy Clinical Specialist – Women and Infant’s Services

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Overlake Medical Center seeks to hire a Pharmacy Clinical Specialist for our Women and Infant’s Services who will embrace our mission and provide the kind of care you would want to receive if you and/or your newborn were the patient.  The Overlake Pharmacy Clinical Specialist for the Women and Infant’s Services delivers pharmaceutical excellence to our littlest patients and their mothers as part of the pharmacy team – a fun, friendly group who work closely together to provide compassionate care for every life we touch!

Part Time - 0.875 FTE
70 hours per pay period
10-hour shifts
Benefits Eligible

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The Women and Infant’s Services Pharmacist Clinical Specialist is responsible for providing drug therapy review/ monitoring, preparation, prescribing through collaborative agreement, and counseling in accordance with pharmacy department and hospital policies and procedures as well, as all applicable laws and regulations.  The pharmacist participates in planning, developing, and implementing new processes related to delivery of pharmaceutical care to Women and Infant’s Services, as well as coaching support staff, and working collaboratively to provide quality pharmacy services and to improve patient satisfaction. 

Clinical Practice/ Patient Care

  • Optimizes drug therapy for patients through the design, implementation, monitoring, and modification of individualized medications, order sets, and processes in collaboration with the multidisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Collects and assesses comprehensive patient information (e.g., medication history, medical condition, and other information necessary for the delivery of medications and pharmaceutical care.
  • Reviews medication therapy for patients in Women and Infant’s Center, as well as providing clinical and dispensing coverage for additional patient populations based on need and workload.  
  • Establishes therapeutic goals in collaboration with the patient, caregivers, and the multidisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Designs, modifies, and coordinates development of standardized order sets and protocols related to Women and Infant care along with other members of the interdisciplinary team.  
  • Assesses outcomes (e.g., effectiveness, toxicities) and other treatment-related issues (e.g., adherence, financial impact) relative to patients in the Women and Infant Center. 
  • Identifies and prevents/responds to potential treatment or disease-related problems that may arise during treatment.
  • Establishes short-term post-therapy goals (e.g., vaccinations, infection prevention) and develop management strategies in collaboration with the patient and caregiver(s), and the multidisciplinary healthcare team.


  • Maintains knowledge of research and literature in NICU/ pediatrics and women’s health, evaluates and utilizes research findings.

-   Promotes the incorporation of research findings into general pharmacy practice.

-    Utilizes research in the development, implementation and evaluation of standards of care and practice.

-    Collaborates in the design and implementation of quality management programs.

  • Participates in clinical research activities (e.g., study protocol development, dispensing, oversight of study medication management processes, data collection, analysis, and record keeping).  

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Evaluates products and care to determine quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Documents the fiscal effectiveness of the specialist position.
  • Participates in projects as determined by the strategic goals of the department and facility related to budgetary requirements.
  • Collaborates with Pharmacy management concerning patient care and professional issues to determine the most effective use of resources
  • Provides appropriate recommendations regarding new or existing medications, to ensure optimal patient care at the lowest cost to both the patient and healthcare system.

Education/ Consultation:

  • Identifies and assures that the educational needs of pharmacy staff, nursing, and medical staff are met regarding Women and Infant care.
  • Develops and provides in-services and education programs in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Participates in orientation of new staff.
  • Participates in competency-based evaluation of pharmacy staff as appropriate.
  • Seeks educational opportunities for professional growth.
  • Identifies and develops strategies to meet educational needs of patients and families.
  • Provides education and training for practicing pharmacists to support a similar level of competency for women and infants.   Provides oversight and education for student pharmacists, residents, and students in other health professions.
  • Provides education and consultation to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders
  • Works effectively with staff to access, plan, implement, and evaluate pharmacy-related services.
  • Encourages a multidisciplinary approach in the planning and delivery of care.
  • Provides expertise in the introduction, evaluation and use of new drugs and technology.
  • Participates in department and hospital committees as needed/required.
  • Advises pharmacy leadership as to clinical, strategic, financial, and logistical issues related to pharmacy services in the women and infant’s services center. 

Policy and Procedures, Quality Improvement:

  • Designs, implements, evaluates, and modifies processes involving pharmacy services appropriate to the needs of the patients across the continuum.  
  • Ensures that women and infant pharmacy services comply with established regulations and standards.
  • Develops and/or modifies institutional drug-use guidelines, policies, and procedures, in collaboration with other providers and/or agencies that are consistent with national clinical practice guidelines and standards.
  • Establishes and modifies systems (i.e., technology and processes) to ensure the safe use of medications used in this population.
  • Performs quality-improvement activities aimed at enhancing the safety and effectiveness of medication-use processes in women and infant patient care.
  • Develops and implements procedures to optimize drug availability for women and infants.
  • Justify and document clinical value of pharmacy services.
  • Participates in selecting qualified and competent teammates, new employee orientation as requested.
    • Participation in collaborative development of care pathways and standards of practice  
    • Participate in analysis of medication errors and adverse drug effects and develop collaborative improvements when appropriate


  • Free public transportation pass (ORCA
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Generous PTO
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • 2 part retirement plan including matching
  • Long term disability
  • Flex spending
  • Extended illness banked hours
  • Free parking
  • Employee Assistance program
  • Professional development

Just a few of our employee perks

  • Cell phone plan discounts
  • Discounted Mariners and Sounders tickets
  • Computer discounts
  • Discounted lift tickets
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Free Seattle Art Museum passes
  • And much more


  • B.S. or PharmD in pharmacy from an accredited school of pharmacy required.  Advanced degree and/or ASHP accredited residency preferred.
  • Must be a registered pharmacist in the state of Washington.  Board Certified Pharmacist preferred.   Healthcare provider CPR, advanced cardiac life support required.  Pediatric Advanced Life Support recommended.      Neonatal Resuscitation Program required or obtained within 6 months of employment.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience as pharmacist practicing in neonatal or women and infant medicine. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Overlake is committed to providing ready access to a highly trained and compassionate medical team, who are consistent and comprehensive in coordination of care for all patients. Our group practice champions superior quality-of-care, superior outcomes, a superior patient experience, and work-life balance. We believe exceptional patient care comes naturally when our employees feel respected, valued and cared for too. These high standards and high expectations will give us the ability to recruit and retain the best healthcare teams in the region.  

Overlake is an Equal Opportunity Employer, please see our EEO policy.