Surgery at Overlake Medical Center

Eastside residents turn to Overlake for the highest quality medical care available. Our state-of-the-art center accommodates a full range of services, from minimally invasive, robotic-assisted procedures to complex open-heart surgery. In addition to general surgery, we offer several specialty programs including joint replacement, vascular and weight loss surgeries.

Overlake’s surgical services have received numerous awards, including the Qualis Award for Excellence in Health Care Quality and the Surgical Infection Prevention Collaborative Regional Award.

Surgical Services Team

Your surgery involves many more people than just your surgeon. You will interact with volunteers, be served by anesthesiologists and helped by many other people along the way.

The surgical staff at Overlake embraces a philosophy of respect, compassion, advocacy and integrity. Our experienced and caring surgical teams work hard to create a harmonious, therapeutic and technologically advanced environment for all patients and their families throughout the surgical process.

Types of Surgery Performed at Overlake

Here is a partial list of types of surgeries performed through our Surgical Services Department

Anticoagulation Therapy

After surgery, your doctor may prescribe anticoagulation medication, also called blood thinners, to help prevent blood clots from forming while you are less active and recovering. Our Anticoagulation Clinic in Bellevue and Issaquah ensures you get your blood checked regularly without having to schedule a doctor's appointment.

Advance Directives Resource

You may find it helpful to complete Advance Directives before your surgery. The packet includes forms for values statements, living wills and durable power of attorney for healthcare.

Advance Directives Forms (PDF)

Patient Information

Visit our Surgical Pre-Admission Center page for information on preparing for your visit and surgery frequently asked questions.

Visitor Information

Visit our Visitors' Guide page for information visiting hours, waiting areas, and dining services.

Robotic Surgical Services

Learn more about Robotic Surgical Services

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