Comprehensive women’s healthcare for every phase of life.

We get it — your life is busy. Scheduling a doctor appointment, especially when you are well, is just one more thing to tack on to your ever-growing to-do list. However, making your health and wellbeing a priority has many long-term benefits. Whether you are in need of an annual check-up or are seeking access to specialty care, Overlake is here to help you navigate all your healthcare needs.

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Overlake Clinics are conveniently located on the Eastside

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Primary Care

There are many reasons why regular checkups are the key to a healthy life. We’re here to help you navigate the different stages of life.


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Urgent Care

During the moments when you need it most, our urgent care clinics provide immediate, walk-in access for non-life threatening emergencies.


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Screening Guidelines

It’s important to complete recommended screenings to ensure any health conditions are caught early when they are easier to treat.


Our Services

women's health block - Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Breast, colon and lung cancer are the most common cancers in women. Staying on top of wellness screenings can aid in early detection and treatment of cancer.cancer patient reading to daughter


women's health block - Cardiac Services

Childbirth Center

Your birth experience is a personal, life changing journey. Our center provides outstanding maternity care in a warm, welcoming environment to bring your little one in to the world.woman with children in grass


women's health block - Colorectal + Digestive Health

Colorectal & Digestive Health

There are many factors that contribute to a woman’s digestive wellness, which includes everything from hormone changes throughout life to the female anatomy itself.woman outside holding box of veggies and fruit


women's health block - Endocrinology


The endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones that control and regular a variety of our body's processes. The most common endocrine disorders are diabetes and thyroid conditions.woman on dock


women's health block - Heart Vascular

Heart & Vascular

Nearly half of adults in the U.S. have some form of heart disease. The best way to take care of your heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease is through exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.woman running over bridge


women's health block - Mental Health

Mental Health

Women are nearly twice as likely than men to have depression or anxiety, and these conditions can affect women differently, too. If you find yourself retreating or internalizing emotions, consider asking for help.


women's health block - Neuroscience


Our expert neurologists and neurosurgeons provide high-quality, compassionate care for a full range brain diseases, including treatment for tumors, epilepsy, headaches, and morewoman on beach with dog.


women's health block - Orthopedics and Physical Therapy


If you’ve been living with hip or knee joint pain, and non-surgical methods haven't helped, joint replacement surgery can reduce or eliminate pain and improve quality of life.woman stretching outside


women's health block - Sexual and Urologic Health

Pelvic Health

Our holistic approach to your pelvic health helps you make informed decisions about your options to restore optimal bowel, bladder and sexual function.woman with children on beach


women's health block - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our dedicated team provides individualized care that helps you build strength and mobility to help you get back to the activities you enjoy most.woman riding bike down city street


women's health block - Pulmonary Health

Pulmonary Health

The majority of adulthood asthma occurs in women. Our diagnostic and therapeutic services provide care for this and other respiratory diseases to help you breathe more easily.woman stretching


women's health block - Weight Loss Surgery + Management

Weight-Loss Services

One out of every three women in the United States is overweight or obese. Our team will partner with you to help you work toward your goals through surgical or non-surgical options.women exercising with weights outside