The Childbirth Center’s nursing and medical staff have years of experience in maternal/infant nursing and breastfeeding education. Our certified lactation consultants are available seven days a week while you are in the hospital and by phone or appointment at our Mom and Baby Care Center after you return home.

The Mom and Baby Care Center at Overlake supports each woman's decision to breastfeed. The Center's goal is to assist breastfeeding families by providing education about breastfeeding's many benefits, initiating and maintaining the breastfeeding process, infant nutrition and managing breastfeeding in special situations including multiple and premature births.

International board-certified lactation consultants and lactation specialists are available to provide breastfeeding support services upon request from patients, nursing and medical staff. You may make as many lactation appointments with us as needed. In addition, you do not have to deliver your baby at Overlake in order to meet with our lactation consultants — all mothers are welcome to use our services.

To make an appointment to see a lactation consultant, or to get information about what to expect of a lactation appointment or retail breastfeeding supplies, see below or call 425.688.5389.

Before Your Baby is Born

Our prenatal breastfeeding class will help you prepare for breastfeeding. For more information or to register, call 425.688.5259 or register for classes online.

During Your Hospital Stay

Lactation consultants are available 16 hours a day, seven days a week to provide support and answer questions.

After You Go Home

After you go home we offer:

  • A postpartum follow-up visit two to three days after discharge to assess breastfeeding and maternal-infant needs.
  • Private consultations with our lactation specialists.
  • Telephone counseling with our breastfeeding experts, by calling 425.688.5516.
  • Breastfeeding support group facilitated by a La Leche League group leader. La Leche League is an organization that gives information and encouragement to mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.
  • Electric breast pump rental and instruction. You can rent one of our efficient, affordable pumps.
  • Retail sales of breastfeeding equipment, pumps and accessories, books and videos, stools, pillows, lanolin and more.
  • Nursing bra fittings and sales. We give private, personal help to find the kind of nursing bra that is right for you.
  • Free baby-weight station.

Feeding Your Special Needs Baby

Overlake’s Outpatient Nutrition Services has registered dietitians specially trained in the unique nutrition needs of neonates and premature infants. They can assess an infant’s overall status and provide nutrition recommendations to help ensure appropriate growth and development.

An order from your child’s physician is necessary to make an appointment. Learn more about Overlake's Infant Nutrition Clinic, or call 425.688.5485.

Breast Pump Sales Rentals

We offer the best breast pumps and kits for pumping. We also have Medela parts, tubing, faceplates, diaphragms, vehicle lighter adapters, battery packs and foreign travel conversion kits.

We rent hospital-grade Medela Symphony Pumps (yellow).

Breast Pump Sales

Your baby deserves the best. Stop by and learn more about what a personal breast pump can do for you. What makes us different from retail and online stores is that we are able to provide you with education and training for using your breast pump that other stores do not. Our highly-trained lactation education specialists are available to answer all of your questions. We sell the following breast pumps:

  • Medela Pump In Style Original
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Over the Shoulder
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced Limited Edition in many fashion colors
  • Medela Harmony (Manual Pump)

We are proud to provide personalized service and competitive rates. Stop by our Bellevue location and discover the right pump for your specific needs.

Breast Pump Parts Sales

Looking for a part for your Medela pump? We carry a wide assortment of Medela parts and accessories.

Contact Us

For questions about rates or to extend your breast pump rental, call 425.688.5819.

Lactation Appointments

Breastfeeding and milk supply are assessed and baby’s growth is assessed. We provide one-on-one consultations and try to meet mom’s goals for feeding.

At your lactation appointment you may expect:

  • Baby weight check
  • An observed feeding
  • Troubleshooting of any nursing issues
  • A feeding plan to be established
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Lactation consultant suggestions

You may make as many lactation appointments with us as needed. Additionally, you do not have to deliver your baby at Overlake in order to meet with our lactation consultants. All mothers are welcome to use our services.

Our registered nurses have each received the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) distinction.

Contact Us

To speak with a lactation consultant, call 425.688.5516.

To make an appointment, call 425.688.5389.

Nursing Supplies

Certified Bra Fittings

Make nursing easier by obtaining a certified bra fitting. We are the only certified bra fitting establishment on the Eastside. You will be fit by knowledgeable staff who are lactation educators and know how to fit a nursing bra so as not to compromise lactation. No appointment needed.

Common Questions

When should I come for my bra fitting? 
Approximately seven to 10 days after your baby's birth, or after your milk has come in.

Why should I wait seven to 10 days? 
Your breasts may change noticeably in the first week, and will continue to stabilize to the size you will be throughout nursing.

What sizes do you carry? 
Sizes B through K (30 - 48+ inches). We carry the widest variety of nursing bras in Washington.

What if I need a bra before delivery or during the first 10 days after delivery? 
Come in for a relaxed fit "sleep bra" fitting.

Not pregnant or nursing and looking for a "certified" bra fitting? Many women today are wearing the wrong size bra. Our lactation educators are happy to fit you whether you are nursing or not. A certified bra fitting will make a difference in how you feel and in how your clothes fit. We sell a full selection of European, Canadian and American bras.

Nursing Tops

Looking for a cami/tank to nurse in? Looking for some back-to-work nursing apparel? We have a variety of nursing tops and tanks to suit your every need.

Hands Free Pumping

Come in to be fit for your hands-free pumping bra. This is a must-have for moms returning to work or busy moms with another child to attend to.

Contact Us

For questions regarding bras, apparel and various aids, call 425.688.5819.

Infant Nutrition Clinic

Helping Little Ones Thrive and Grow

Proper nutrition is critical to the long-term growth of all newborns, but especially for premature infants and low birth-weight babies. Since they don’t accumulate valuable nutrient stores needed for growth that full-term babies do, they have special nutritional needs. For most, unsupplemented breast milk or term formula does not meet these needs.

For example, more than 70 percent of a baby’s bone mass is developed in the third trimester, meaning pre-term infants not only need extra calories and protein, but also extra calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones.

Nutrition Counseling and Education

Overlake’s Infant Nutrition Clinic provides follow-up support for parents and their newborns after leaving the hospital. Our registered dietitians — certified by the state of Washington — are specially trained in neonatal nutrition and help ensure infants achieve their growth potential.

Nutrition counseling is also available for full term babies or children who are growing at a slower rate than expected. The nutritionist will provide guidance regarding your child’s development and will determine follow-up appointments on an individual basis.

What You Can Expect At The Clinic

At the Infant Nutrition Clinic, you will learn how to help your baby get back on track to reach their growth potential. The dietitian will address factors that contribute to lack of growth and make recommendations that will greatly benefit your baby.

A nutrition follow-up includes:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Discussion of your baby’s growth and nutrition history
  • Interpretation of lab results
  • Recipes tailored to meet your baby’s needs
  • Recommendations to other services, as needed

You will receive a feeding plan tailored to your baby’s abilities and your desires about breastfeeding and supplementation, including any needed fortification recipes. A copy of the plan will also be faxed to your pediatrician’s office for your baby’s medical record.


All infants with growth concerns are welcome at the clinic with a pediatrician’s referral.

For more information, please contact the Outpatient Infant Nutrition Clinic at 425.688.KIDS (5437).

To make an appointment, call 425.688.5700.

Announcing Project FutureCare

Project FutureCare is Overlake Medical Center's $250 million, six-year campus renewal project.

This project continues Overlake’s investment in first-class medical facilities that helps fulfill our promise to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of a vibrant Eastside community.

The project will grow our campus and service offerings in several significant ways, including:

  • Create a new East Tower
  • Add a new Childbirth and Mother/Baby Center
  • Expand the Behavioral Health Unit
  • Add two state-of-the-art surgical suites
  • Enhance respiratory care
  • Add more laboratory space

Read more or check out our progress!


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