Anna Reeve, MS, CCC-SLP

Anna Reeve, MS, CCC-SLP

Accepting new patients
Specializes in: Speech Language Pathology
Female | Speaks English
Phone: 425.688.5900

Clinical Expertise

Services & Programs

  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Neurogenic cognitive and communication disorders
  • Swallowing

Clinical Interests

  • Cognitive impairment as a result of Acquired Brain Injury
  • Aphasia treatment and support group
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease and other progressive neurological diseases
  • Stroke rehabilitation

Education and Training


  • Master of Science - Speech-Language Pathology
    Idaho State University

Honors, Awards & Memberships

Board Certification

  • Clinical Competence - American Speech Hearing Language Association
  • LSVT LOUD® - Lee Silverman Voice Treatment
  • The VitalStim Specialty Certificate


  • American Speech and Hearing Association