Igor  Uritskiy, MD

Igor Uritskiy, MD

Accepting new patients
Specializes in: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and 1 more +
Male | Speaks English, Russian

Clinical Expertise

Services + Programs

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Clinical Interests

  • "Pinched nerves"
  • Cervicogenic migraine headaches
  • Acute and chronic neck, upper back and lower back pain
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Injuries
  • Injections - trigger point, joint, Botox
  • Nerve conduction testing

Education and Training


Higher Education

1999-2001 University of WA, Neurobiology

2002-2006 University Chicago Medical School, Medical School


2007-2010 Loyola University Medical Center, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


2007-2010 University of Chicago Medical Center, Internal Medicine

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