Khanh Pham, MD

Khanh Pham, MD

Specializes in: Urology and 1 more +
Male | Speaks English, Vietnamese
Phone: 425.454.8016

Clinical Expertise

Services & Programs

  • Urology

Clinical Interests

  • Robotic surgery
    • Prostatectomy
    • Partial and radical nephrectomy
    • Robotic cystectomy
  • Robotic reconstructive surgery
    • Repair of ureteral structure disease
    • Ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  • Urologic oncology
    • Prostate cancer
    • Kidney cancer
    • Ureteral cancer
    • Bladder cancer
  • Adult general urology
    • Management of kidney stone disease
    • Benign prostatic hypertrophy including minimally-invasive Rezum® therapy and no scalpel vasectomy

Education and Training

Medical School

  • Medical College of Wisconsin


  • Medical College of Wisconsin


  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


  • Medical College of Wisconsin

Honors, Achievements & Memberships

Board Certification

  • American Board of Urology

Professional Memberships

  • American Urological Association
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Society of Urologic Oncology
  • Western Section of American Urological Assocation
  • Northwest Urological Society