Niriksha Malladi, MD

Niriksha Malladi, MD

Specializes in: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Female | Speaks English
Phone: 877.302.7132

Provider Overview

Dr. Malladi is a physician, speaker, writer, clinical instructor, and consultant. She is the medical director of Pacific Rehabilitation Centers, responsible for overseeing quality and safety of medical care in the center’s programs.

Clinical Expertise

Services + Programs

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Education and Training


Medical School

University of British Columbia, Medicine


University of Washington, physical medicine and rehabilitation


Staten Island University Hospital

Professional Memberships

  • American Pain Society 
  • American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Malladi's treatment philosophy involves treating the whole person, not just the pain. By identifying the contributors to persistent pain, targeted therapy is applied to improving the person’s well-being. With this approach, patients are frequently able to taper off medications, integrate safe and healthy approaches to pain management and improve their ability to function at work and home.