January 27, 2016

Overlake Medical Center Announces Project FutureCare $242 Million expansion to Transform HealthCare

Phase I: Overlake Cancer Center, Setting New Standard for Regional Cancer Care

Bellevue, Wash. (Jan. 27, 2016) –During a gathering Wednesday of hospital officials, patients, doctors and nurses, Overlake Medical Center announced plans for Project FutureCare, a major $242 million investment to transform healthcare on the Eastside and in the region. CEO J. Michael Marsh also led a team of physicians, donors and cancer survivors in a ceremonial groundbreaking to celebrate the first phase of FutureCare: the Overlake Cancer Center slated to open in the second quarter of 2017.

“Project FutureCare, along with the Overlake Cancer Center, is a very significant reminder of our commitment to a vibrant and thriving Eastside health system,” said Marsh. “Project FutureCare will renew and expand our healthcare system in many important ways, but ultimately this is about our community and providing the most exceptional care possible for our patients and their families.”

Overlake Cancer Center puts patient at center of treatment options, adds additional services

The new Overlake Cancer Center was designed from the ground up by cancer survivors, patients, doctors, nurses and a blue-ribbon advisory board which resulted in an all-inclusive facility that allows the newly-diagnosed cancer patient to remain in one place to receive the best possible technology with compassionate care and a holistic approach to treating patients. This is a unique approach not found at any other facility in the Puget Sound region—bringing all the services directly to the patient.

“A cancer patient’s difficult journey involves a myriad of testing, diagnosis, treatment and support,” said Cancer Center Medical Director Kristi Harrington, MDPhD. “It requires the patient and their family to navigate hospitals, make multiple appointments, coordinate transportation to, from and between different doctors’ offices—all of which is time consuming, painful and exhausting. Our goal is to eliminate this unnecessary stress by streamlining this process and coordinating care on behalf of the patient in one central location.”

The Center, which resides within the existing walls of the main Overlake campus in Bellevue, will combine leading-edge treatment with complementary and supportive services to provide a balanced approach to treating and healing the body, mind and spirit.

The Cancer Center has received significant community support under the leadership of the Overlake Medical Center Foundation. The total cost of the project is $20 million, half of which is slated to come from individual donors, philanthropists, corporate neighbors and foundations.

$242 Million Project FutureCare marks major milestone in Overlake’s history as Eastside’s premier provider

Today’s event also marked the official launch of Overlake Medical Center’s Project FutureCare, which will grow and expand Overlake’s campus and service offerings in several significant ways, including:

  • A new East Tower
  • New Childbirth and Mom and Baby Care Center
  • New and expanded Behavioral Health Unit
  • Two additional surgical suites
  • Enhancement of respiratory care, more laboratory space
  • New main campus entrance, enhanced wayfinding and more
  • Larger patient rooms to accommodate patients’ families

The transformation, 10 years in the planning, is designed to take into account the growing needs of the broader Eastside community, which is expected to experience the largest growth rate of any region in the state over the next 20 years. With this population growth, the number of senior citizens in the region is expected to double. Demographic shifts such as these, combined with increased numbers of community members with insurance, are already leading to an unprecedented demand for healthcare.

“Project FutureCare builds on Overlake’s long history of serving our community,” said Marsh. “The healthcare environment is experiencing significant transformation, and Overlake aims to be at the vanguard –where we’ve been for over 60 years.”

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About Overlake Medical Center’s Project FutureCare

Overlake Medical Center’s Project FutureCare is a six-year, $242-million dollar expansion effort designed to meet the growing healthcare needs of the Eastside community. Project FutureCare includes a new Cancer Center, Childbirth and Mom & Baby Care Center, upgraded and expanded Behavioral Health Unit, new campus entry and more. Construction will last through 2023. Follow Project FutureCare on social media with the hashtag #ProjectFutureCare.

About Overlake Cancer Center

The Overlake Cancer Center is slated to open in the second quarter of 2017 with the mission of providing exceptional and holistic patient care. Unlike any other cancer center in the region, Overlake’s Center will house in one location traditional medicine with complementary and supportive services to provide a cohesive balance in treating the mind and spirit along with the disease. Treatment will include traditional therapies as well as genetic counseling, acupuncture, physical therapy and psychological and palliative care. The Cancer Center resides within the main campus of the Overlake Medical Center, the only non-tax supported, non-profit, regional medical center on the Eastside.


Published on January 27, 2016