July 31, 2017

80 Overlake Medical Center Providers on Seattle Met Magazine’s Top Doctors 2017 List

Bellevue, Wash. – (July 31, 2017) – Eighty Overlake Medical Center physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have received “Top Doctors 2017” recognition by Seattle Met Magazine. The publication’s 12th annual list, excerpted in the August 2017 issue covers more than 100 specialties.   

Seattle Met’s annual list includes a total of 791 providers. Overlake Medical Center providers are honored in a wide variety of fields ranging from emergency and trauma services to cardiology, oncology, neurosciences, and pulmonary medicine. With the highest circulation of any local magazine, more than 280,000 consumers are expected to see the Seattle Met list, according to the magazine. ”We are proud to have such an extensive list of providers, all experts in their field, who are receiving this recognition from colleagues,” said Overlake Chief Medical Officer David Knoepfler, MD. “Our providers are wholly committed to our patients and delivering the highest level of compassionate and high quality care to Eastside residents.”

Seattle Met Top Docs 2017

Seattle Met partnered with the Professional Research Services survey company to poll health care practitioners licensed by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) in King, Snohomish, Kitsap, and Pierce Counties, asking, “If you or a loved one needed care, whom would you choose?” Voters nominated their most esteemed peers based on years of experience, competency, rapport with patients, patient satisfaction and compliance with care recommendations, and ability to work effectively with colleagues across specialties to deliver the best patient care. The top vote recipients were vetted with the DOH to ensure good standing before inclusion on the Seattle Met list.

Providers Employed by Overlake Medical Center

Radha Agrawal

Thomas M Amidon

Ronnier J. Aviles

Goldy Bansal

Robert S. Binford

Frank S. Bishop

Abhineet Chowdhary

James R. Copeland

Richard B. Clarfeld

Joseph Doucette

Mitra Ehsan

Mary M. Farnham

Daniel P. Fosmire

Todd D. Freudenberger

Kristi M. Harrington

Peter A. Hashisaki

Kelan R. Koenig

Peter R. Kures

Edward E. Leonard II

Amy Markezich

Marie Mercado

David W. Nelson

Overlake Medical Center Medical Staff Providers

Deepa G. Abraham

Jason G. Attaman

Michelle Benoit

Oliver R. Biggers

Scott T. Bonvallet

Christopher R. Boone

James T. Bruckner

Raj C. Butani

Thomas D. Chi

Gary P. Chimes

Sung W. Cho

Michael J. Corsilles

William B. Crenshaw

Antony S. Egnal

Adel G. El-Ghazzawy

Jill Enright

Brian L. Ferris

Allen J. Geltzer

Kathleen D. Gibson

Scott J. Haugen

Hyun J. Hong

Jonah B. Hulst

Garrett S. Hyman

Jennifer J. Lee

Thomas D. Lenart

Jason H. Kettler

Helen H. Kim

Thomas A. Knipe

Howard A. Krouse

Alice L. Kuntz

Christine M. Leafdale

Samson Lee

Grant R. Lohse

Peter R. Mandt

Silas T. Marshall

George G. Min

Renee C. Minjarez

Marc R. Mitchell

Tyler J. Nathe

Pamela J. Paley

Ashit C. Patel

Hubert H. Pham

Harold W. Prow

Steven S. Ratcliffe

Timothy S. Reinke

James M. Ridgway

Matthew J. Robon

Timothy P. Schweitzer

Chirag A. Shah

Daniel R. Seely

Eric R. Shipley

Randip Singh

Erik H. Suh

Anh Q. Truong

Kimberly A. Van Groos

Dan S. Veljovich

Michele B. Yingling

Roger S. Zundel