You’ve tried everything — from fad diets to failed exercise regimens, to over-the-counter concoctions — but nothing seems to get lasting results. The Medical Weight Management clinic at Overlake can help.

More than two-thirds of American adults are considered overweight or obese. Weight may be the result of many factors, including genetics, lifestyle choices, metabolic conditions and medications. Obesity is a complex disease that requires medical management from a care team with skill, experience and compassion.

Medical weight management is an effective option for people of any size who have a weight-related health issue, and for those who are obese but either do not wish to undergo surgery or do not qualify for it.

Our primary focus is to improve your overall health and well-being by setting realistic and attainable goals, not just focusing on the scale. We will work with you to navigate the often confusing information about diet, and setup a plan or food tracking. Instead of counting calories, our dietary focus is on macronutrients, which includes protein and carbohydrates. Weight loss medications may also be part of a patient’s plan, depending on individual needs.

Our comprehensive, personalized program is based on scientific research in weight management and years of experience. As our patient, you can expect:

  • A physical exam.
  • Review of medical history and available laboratory work.
  • Initial monthly visits with a multidisciplinary team, including:
    • A weigh-in.
    • Review of progress and challenges.
    • Plan adaptations as needed.
    • Addressing challenges together.
    • Support and encouragement.
    • Medications, as needed.
  • Quarterly maintenance care follow-up visits.