Clinic Appointments

We offer appointments at all of our primary care clinics if you need to see a healthcare provider today. Call 425.635.6600 to make an appointment. If you don't yet have a doctor, connect with our physician referral line to get assistance with finding a provider who is right for you.

Hospital Appointments

It's easy to make an appointment for a procedure or service at the hospital. You can fax your request to 425.688.5710 or you can call Centralized Scheduling at 425.688.5700 to make an appointment. When you call our Centralized Scheduling line you will need to select from the following menu options:

  • Routine Mammogram Screening - Press 1
  • Medical Imaging Procedure - Press 2
  • Surgery Department Scheduling  - Press 3 (for doctors only)
  • Special Procedure Unit & Infusion Suite - Press 4
  • Outpatient Center - Press 5
  • Cardiac Procedures (cath lab, EP, echocardiogram) - Press 6 (for doctors only)
  • Breast-related Issues Requiring Diagnostic Imaging - Press 7
  • Surgical Pre-op Appt. or Enroll in Joint Replacement Info. Class - Press 8


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