When we agreed to be co-chairs of Overlake's 2020 Bandage Ball, Beth Yahn and KJ Wrightwe had never heard of COVID-19. At the time we received the invitation, it was an honor to be asked to support Overlake Medical Center in this way, and we were excited to help plan an elegant gala with wine, dinner, dancing and paddle-raising to support a vital community institution. How we wish we could be raising a glass with all of you today!

The pandemic changed the format of this year’s Bandage Ball, but it didn't change the need for your support. If anything, it has become more clear than ever how important it is to have a top-quality hospital in our community. Since the beginning of this health crisis, Overlake has been here, ready to take care of each one of us and our loved ones. Since March, our family has purposefully stayed at home in Medina, with Beth’s parents just blocks away from Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, because we simply trust Overlake more than any other hospital in the country.  The doctors, nurses and caregivers at Overlake are here for us now, just as they always have been. From treating Beth’s father for lung cancer or her mother for complications from breast cancer or our daughter during an ER visit as an infant, we have counted on Overlake to be there, caring for our family, time and time again, and Overlake has never let us down. Compassionate, world-class care, minutes away from our home.

That's why we are still co-chairing this event, and why we are asking you to join us in standing behind the front-line medical professionals who are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to care for our community. Today we truly see how interconnected we all are, and how the health of our community as a whole depends upon the health of each one of us.

Please raise your glass of wine (or coffee, or orange juice or whatever you are having right now) and spend a few minutes here with us. If you are not seeing the pictures, please right-click on one to download the pictures and the videos. The first photo is the two of us with Seattle Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright at the 2018 Bandage Ball. It’s still one of Beth’s favorite pictures! And a reminder of how important Overlake has been at different times in our lives.  Although we’re not rubbing elbows with celebrities this week, please give as much, or more, as you would have done if we had been all together in the ballroom at the Hyatt. Your community is depending on you. Overlake is depending on you, as you have always depended on Overlake.   

With deep appreciation,

Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier


Support our heroes







This year marks Overlake's 60th anniversary, and your gift today will help ensure 60 more years of care for the Eastside. As the COVID-19 crisis has made clear, that care depends on the heroic people who are here every single day, even at great risk to themselves, to take care of you, your loved ones, your neighbors and everyone in our community when they become ill or injured.

These heroes dedicate themselves to Overlake's mission: compassionate care for every life we touch. That's what we've done for the last 60 years, and that's what we promise for the future, with your help.




tales from the front lines

More than 150 COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized at Overlake since the pandcaregivers holding signsemic began, and we have cared for each one safely and with the utmost compassion. But our caregivers are not the only heroes in this story. Our patients also must fight for their lives.

On April 30, a patient who had been in our care for six weeks had not only begun to recover but tested negative for the virus.He beat COVID-19 and was hailed as the hero he is by our staff, who lined the halls to clap and cheer as he was moved out of isolation at last.

Our community members are also heroes. Flattening the infection rate has disrupted our lives in every way. You, too, have made difficult sacrifices. A round of applause for all.




We Stand Together




Give like a hero

Thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time today. It's a far cry from the elegant gala we all look forward to each spring, and we dearly hope we can celebrate together again next year.

For now, it's time to raise your paddle high and make the kind of donation that will give your community the gift of great healthcare--world-class healthcare--right here on the Eastside, for many years to come.

Please add up the amounts you would have given at Bandage Ball 2020. Please include everything: the cost of the tickets, the chances to toss the ring for a bottle, the silent auction packages, the live auction experiences and the fund-a-need. And it's a lot to ask, we know, but please make those calculations as you would have with a delightful dinner, a few glasses of wine and some heartfelt speeches from the stage.

Thank you, from the heroes at Overlake to you, the heroes in our community. For 60 more years, we will stand strong together.

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Our incredible sponsors stuck with us through the cancellation of the Ball.

We are so very grateful.

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