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Cancer Center Completed

Your Support is Still Needed!

The most comprehensive and advanced Cancer Center on the Eastside is up and running - providing the very best possible diagnostic, treatment and support services. The Cancer Center is focused on the needs of our patients and families and makes Overlake the hospital of choice for cancer care.

With your help, we raised over $10 million to bring the Center to life.

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Your gift today provides ongoing support. The Cancer Center:

  • Augments our world-class medical, radiation and surgical oncology with a full array of integrative and supportive services to treat mind, body and spirit.
  • Offers seamless, coordinated care in modern, healing spaces full of natural light.
  • Expands our capacity to meet the needs of our growing community.
  • Provides personalized, patient-centered care to patients and families.

What's unique about the Overlake Cancer Center?

  • Designed to center the patient's experience
  • Professionals from multiple disciplines housed in one Center
  • Patients stay put, and professionals come to them
  • Non-traditional and non-western therapies integrated into care
  • Ongoing services for cancer survivors

Please make your donation now!

Cancer Center Campaign Fundraising Committee

  • Clodagh Ash, Co-Chair
  • Jan Conrad, Co-Chair
  • Linda Mahaffey, Co-Chair
  • Brittany Barker
  • Mary Clarfeld
  • Dr. Dave Davis
  • Liz Demaree
  • Walt Demaree
  • Cecily Hall
  • Alice Harris
  • Della Houston
  • Ross Hunter
  • Susan Thurston

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