Note: This trial is no longer recruiting new patients.


This is a study of bone growth in the Sacroiliac Joint after minimally invasive surgery with titanium implants. The study is a post-market, multicenter trial with randomized CT scans at 6 or 12 months. The iFuse Implant System consists of cannulated triangular-shaped titanium implants with a titanium plasma spray (TPS) porous coating and an associated delivery system.  iFuse-3D is 3-D printed from the same materials as the iFuse device. iFuse-3D has interstices to allow bone growth into and through the implant. The surface micropore sizes in iFuse-3D are larger than iFuse. Only iFuse-3D will be used in this study. iFuse-3D comes in sizes of 35-70 mm in length (5 mm length increments) and 7 mm in diameter. As with iFuse, three implants are typically placed.

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  • Study of Bone Growth in the Sacroiliac Joint After Minimally Invasive Surgery With Titanium Implants (SALLY).