Emergency Care

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Emergencies happen. Getting superb medical care fast makes the difference.

When to go to Urgent Care or Emergency Room

As the Eastside’s first Level III Trauma Center, we provide the expertise and speed you need in an emergency. We are here to serve you around the clock with world-class care and unmatched personal attention. At the Overlake Emergency Department, we provide our patients:

  • Rapid access to clot-busting stroke treatment.
  • Quick surgical intervention as needed for heart attacks.
  • Board-certified physicians and trauma surgeon on-site 24/7.
  • Critical treatments for sepsis.
  • Care for accidents and illnesses not treatable in a doctor’s office.
  • Wait times measured in minutes. 
  • Top-tier patient satisfaction. 

Where We Are

Our entrance is located off NE 10th Street in Bellevue. Patients can walk in or be dropped off. You can also enter the underground garage from this location. Signs clearly mark the route to the emergency room.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

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