Ear, Nose & Throat

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Ear, nose and throat care.

Are you tired of your chronic runny nose? Not sure if that nagging high-pitched sound is coming from somewhere in the room or if it is simply in your head? It’s time to speak with an expert who can answer your questions and set you on a path to recovery.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT), or otolarngology, specialists treat disorders that affect hearing, swallowing, smelling, breathing, tasting and speaking. Overlake ensures patients receive expert, individualized care for these health concerns.

Whether you suffer from hearing loss, sleep apnea or chronic sinus infections, you can find a provider who can help. With a comprehensive approach to care, providers treat a wide range of diseases and conditions, including dizziness, dysphagia, ear infection, gastric reflux, hoarseness, tinnitus, TMJ pain, and tonsil or adenoid problems.

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