Living Well - 3 Min Read
Mask Up to Protect Yourself and Others
Wearing a face covering is now mandatory statewide while in public places. Joan Amistoso, ARNP, with Overlake Clinics Urgent Care discusses the reasons why it's important to wear one.
Ask a Doctor - 2 Min Read
Colonoscopy Myths vs. Facts
Although colonoscopies get a bad rap, they aren’t as terrible as you might think. Overlake colorectal surgeons Preetha Ali, MD, and Ian White, MD, debunk common myths about these important cancer screening procedures.
Living Well - 4 Min Read
What Patients In Cancer Treatment Should Know About COVID-19
Those undergoing cancer treatment may want to know if they are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 infection, and if they are at increased risk of COVID-19 complications. Overlake medical oncologist Stephen Lemon, MD discusses the risk and steps patients should take to keep safe during the pandemic.


July 08, 2020

Dexur, which analyzes hospital and Medicare data in the United States, has identified Overlake Medical Center & Clinics as having some of the best value outcomes for Heart Failure in the Seattle area.

See the full analysis here.



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