Living Well - 2 Min Read
Avoid Overusing Antibiotics
Nov. 18–24, 2020 is antibiotic awareness week. Overlake family physician, Olabode Akinsanya, MD, explains the types of illnesses antibiotics treat and why overuse can be harmful.
Nutrition - 5 Min Read
Healthy Eating on a Budget
With people staying home due to COVID-19 restrictions, demand for grocery items has increased, which in turn has driven up their cost. To help navigate how to eat healthy on a budget, Overlake dietitian Stacy Trogdon shares tips on how to choose items that are both economical and healthy.
Living Well - 3 Min Read
Pre-Diabetes: Type 2 Isn't Inevitable
​​​​​​​Roughly one out of every three Americans has pre-diabetes. What’s even more eye-opening is that nine out of 10 people do not know they have it. Overlake certified diabetes educator Lisa Levinson offers tips on how to avoid developing type 2 diabetes when you've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
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