Women’s Health - 2 Min Read
The Benefits of Breastfeeding
August 1–7 is world breastfeeding week. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby, plus tips on successful nursing.
Ask a Doctor - 5 Min Read
Has the Pandemic Affected Your Sleep?
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a lot of stress at a lot of people very quickly—whether it's job security, worrying about being infected or affecting family members. Sleep experts Dr. Scott Bonvallet and Dr. Reuben Walia discuss the relationship between stress and sleep and ways you can improve your sleep health.
Nutrition - 4 Min Read
Add Heart-Healthy Fats to Your Diet
The joy of indulging in fatty foods but the regret of eating too much may leave us feeling guilty afterward. Overlake dietitian, Amie Louwers, RD, shares the difference between healthy fat and bad fat so you can satisfy your cravings with the good kinds and limit the bad.
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