Ask a Doctor - 6 Min Read
Is Gaining the "COVID-19” a Real Thing?
The pandemic and quarantine have created a perfect storm for weight gain—life has been disrupted, schedules are out of whack, gyms are closed. We’re moving less, burning fewer calories, and stressing and snacking more. Overlake providers answer your questions about nutrition and activity during COVID-19 and how to maintain your health.
Ask a Doctor - 3 Min Read
Preventing Illness During Flu Season
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues during flu season—October to April—both COVID-19 and the flu will be spreading at the same time. Overlake Clinics Infectious Disease specialists Edward Leonard, MD, and Abdul Siddiqui, MD, address how to tell if you have the flu or COVID-19, how to prevent illness and what to do if you get sick.


February 16, 2021
A local woman celebrates her 100th birthday by receiving her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Overlake Medical Center.
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