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Ask a Doctor - 3 Min Read
What is a Genetic Counselor? Should You See One?
Genetic Counselor Marianne Vivien, MS, LCGC, with Overlake Cancer Center, answers your questions about what genetic counseling entails, when a patient should seek genetic counseling and what to expect when meeting with a genetic counselor.
Ask a Doctor - 2 Min Read
Be Prepared for Smoky Days
As much as we want to enjoy every last bit of summertime in the Pacific Northwest, wildfires are starting to kick up, reinforcing concerns about the predicted effects on Western Washington’s air quality. Overlake pulmonologist Radha Agrawal, MD, answers your questions about the impact of smoky air on your health, which populations are most at risk and what you can do to protect yourself.


October 05, 2022
Overlake primary care physician Christy Chan, MD, spoke with New Day Northwest's Amity Addrisi about the importance of annual primary care cancer screenings. 
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