A prospective blood sample collection study to develop and validate a panel of protein-based biomarkers in patients with pulmonary nodules.


Pulmonary nodules are solid, knot-like lumps located in the lungs. They are a common occurrence in the general population and the vast majority of them do not cause illness. They are often found accidently by a physician when a test such as an x-ray is performed for some other reason. Although most nodules are harmless, some have the potential to lead to cancer. Because of this, certain people who have pulmonary nodules will need to undergo invasive procedures such as lung biopsies to ensure that the nodule isn’t capable of transforming into cancer. This study is investigating certain components found in the blood, called biomarkers, that may be superior at suggesting whether or not a pulmonary nodule can lead to cancer.  With simple blood tests like this, we can decrease the number of people having to undergo more complex and potentially more harmful procedures. 

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