Who Qualifies?


Not everyone with a specific disease or condition is eligible. Type and extent of disease, age and health status can determine your eligibility. But if early results of an experimental treatment are encouraging, eligibility is usually broadened.

If you are interested in any of the listed protocols at Overlake, call (425) 635-6082.

Potential Benefits

  • Possibility of early access to innovative therapies that may be better than current treatment options.
  • Study-related healthcare provided by a team of experts, including top physicians and researchers, along with nurses, statisticians and social workers.
  • Enhanced patient monitoring and individualized care.
  • Increased understanding of the disease and its treatment.

Potential Risks or Disadvantages

  • Possibility of unknown side effects.
  • New drug/treatment may be ineffective or less effective than current options.
  • Greater time commitment to treatment.

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