Mild and Rapidly Improving Stroke Study (MaRISS)


Mild and Rapidly Improving Stroke Study (MaRISS) is a joint endeavor between the Americal Heart Association, Americal Stroke Association and the University of Miami. The MaRISS study was designed to help address a critical knowledge gap: What are the long-term outcomes of patients with a diagnosis of mild stroke? What do they experience after discharge? This will be the first ever large-scale prospective study to evaluate the long-term outcomes for these patients in a standardized manner.

Study Contact(s)

Tina Fortney, RN, CCRC: 425.688.5407, Tina.Fortney@overlakehospital.org

Principal Investigator(s)

Abhineet Chowdhary, MD

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Overlake Medical Clinics Neurosurgery

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