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Three-dimensional images.

Routine screening and early detection save lives. Schedule your mammogram at the Overlake Breast Health Center.

Highest level of comfort, clarity and convenience.

For women age 40 and over, getting an annual screening mammogram is a crucial step in maintaining breast health and receiving early diagnosis and treatment, if needed. 

So when it’s time for your annual mammogram or you missed one due to the pandemic, turn to the Overlake Breast Health Center, offering the highest level of safety, comfort, clarity and convenience.

Our advanced methods of screening and diagnostic breast imaging capabilities include 3D mammography, also called digital breast tomosynthesis, which uses the lowest doses of radiation, while getting the clearest, most accurate images available. 

All patients undergoing mammography screenings also have the benefit of our MammoPad® cushions, providing a more comfortable surface between the patient and the image receptor.

To schedule your mammogram, call 425-688-5985 today.


The first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic were so hectic that Overlake Clinics Coordinator Stephanie never did schedule a mammogram. After COVID-19 cases began to fall, Stephanie started to catch up with her own medical care and scheduled a visit with Overlake Breast Health Center. She would later recognize this decision as the one that saved her life.

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Renouned Specialists

Renowned Specialists

If further testing or treatment is recommended, the Overlake Cancer Center works in partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, which means our patients have access not only to the best oncologists and surgeons, but also to clinical trials that are paving the way for the most advanced cancer treatments.



Appointments are available Monday through Friday
at our Bellevue and Issaquah locations,
offering unmatched convenience.

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