Inpatient Mental Healthcare

In the third phase of Project FutureCare, Overlake's 14-bed inpatient mental health unit will move to the top floor of the west building. The space, which will become available after the Childbirth Center moves to the new East Tower, will be redesigned and rebuilt to accommodate the 14-bed unit with additional space for an expanded number of beds in the future.

Overlake's Inpatient Mental Health Program

Overlake’s 14-bed voluntary locked inpatient unit specializes in crisis intervention for adults ages 18 years and older. The inpatient behavioral health unit treats an average of 70 individuals per month, with an average length of stay of three to five days.

Each patient is seen daily by a psychiatrist, who may order a physical therapy evaluation or a consult by a hospitalist who addresses medical problems they may have as well as their psychiatric issues.

Each patient’s care plan and condition is reviewed daily by the treatment team, which consists of the physician, nursing staff, mental health specialists, recreational therapists, social work, utilization staff, and the unit manager.

Co-Occurring Disorders Program

Launched in 2020, the co-occurring disorders program provides expanded treatment for individuals experiencing both a mental health crisis and a substance use disorder. Patients with dual diagnoses are integrated into the general psychiatric population and benefit from all of the services currently offered as well as safe, medically managed detoxification and an evidence-based treatment program to address their substance abuse.