Patients & Visitors

Easier healthcare, designed entirely for you.

At Overlake Medical Center & Clinics, nothing should get in between you and your health.

Whether you are a patient at Overlake or are here visiting a friend or relative, we have many amenities and services to make your visit more comfortable. From our beautiful fish tanks and comfortable family waiting areas to our gift gallery and dining services, you will find Overlake to be a place where the environment adds to the healing process.

For inpatients with serious or chronic illnesses, our palliative care team is available to help with pain and symptom management. In addition to comfort, families and patients also have access to pastoral care to help give you emotional or spiritual support you may need.

Once you arrive, you will be able to find services such as an on-site pharmacy where you can fill a prescription or purchase a get well card and a quick snack.

Please note: Overlake Medical Center & Clinics prohibits the carrying of any firearm or weapon on the hospital and clinics’ premises.