Blog posts by Stacy Trogdon

Nutrition - 3 Min Read
How to Read the 2020 Nutrition Labels
This year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required food manufacturers to switch to the updated nutrition facts label on packaged foods and drinks. It is the first major update to the label in over 20 years. Learn what the changes are and how to read them so you can be armed to make healthy choices.
Nutrition - 5 Min Read
7 Nutrients to Help Combat Stress
Though stress and worry are feelings everyone experiences at one time or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a spike in anxious Americans. Overlake dietitian Stacy Trogdon explains how getting the right nutrients in your diet can reduce stress-related effects.
Nutrition - 2 Min Read
How Does the Gut Microbiome Relate to Diabetes?
Research has shown a strong relationship between diabetes and the health of our digestive tract. Overlake diabetes educator Stacy Trogdon, RDN, CDE talks about this relationship, and how a diet high in plant-based foods can promote good gut health.