The DAISY & BEE Awards

What are The DAISY & BEE Awards?

The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards excellence in nursing. It was created by The DAISY Foundation to recognize the clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses every day. The award is given to outstanding registered nurses in more than 200 hospitals across the United States.

The BEE Award is a program that was adopted by Overlake in 2023 to honor the compassionate care provided by extraordinary nursing support staff. The BEE Award works in collaboration with the DAISY Award that recognizes nursing staff, just as a daisy cannot survive without a bee, a nurse thrives when they are supported by their team. BEE Award honorees demonstrate Overlake’s values which are Integrity, Compassion, Agility, Respect, and Engagement.

The DAISY & BEE Awards

Who is eligible for The DAISY & BEE Award?

DAISY Award: Registered nurses (RNs)
BEE Award: Nursing support (techs, health unit coordinators (HUC), and mental health specialists (MHS))

How to Nominate an Extraordinary Nurse or Nursing Support Staff Member

Patients and/or patients’ family members may nominate a deserving RN or nursing support staff member by filling out a nomination and submitting it via mail, email, or dropping it in the designated DAISY/BEE Award nomination box located on each of the nursing units. You may also submit your nomination online. Please visit the submission form link below.

DAISY & BEE Award Nominations Form


Daisy Award
"My nurse made me take a look at my inner self and start making changes for the good … She helped me be a better person now and I don’t know what I would do without her care. I owe it to her that I am alive for my birthday." – A Grateful Overlake Patient