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Birth Story: Alex, Eric & Isla Wood

Birth story submitted by Alex, Eric & Isla Wood

“The staff’s attention to providing us with the best possible care was never in doubt. From the minute we arrived, the staff at Overlake made us feel comfortable and excited at the same time. We had checked in online, so we were quickly taken to triage as soon as we arrived. As they were checking to see if my water broke, they were also monitoring contractions. My contractions were fairly consistent, so I asked if we could check how far I was dilated, while waiting for the swab results.

"Our nurse was willing to check right away, trusting my instinct. Luckily she did because I was 5 cm dilated already, prompting them to take me straight into the birthing room. The nurses were amazing; it felt like we had known them for a while. They helped in reminding us of the options for pain and walked us through what an epidural would look like, since I had known going in that I wanted one.

"A few hours later, it was time to start pushing and, unfortunately, it was a shift change. But, the second nurse who arrived was just as wonderful as the first. That nurse offered some ways to get comfortable and walked me through breathing and pushing process. It was two hours before we were ready for the doctor to come in and help us deliver our miracle. Once the birthing was complete, the nurses helped me with everything, from going to the bathroom and getting some food, to learning to care for our new little baby. They were like family. I felt just as cared for as our little one. With this being our first born, I can’t imagine having our next birth anywhere else but Overlake.”

alex, eric and isla wood
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