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Birth Story: The Boghaert Family

Birth story submitted by the Boghaert Family.

"We had an amazing experience welcoming our first child at Overlake Medical Center. Everyone we encountered at the hospital helped create a warm and supportive environment. As first-time parents, we felt especially nervous giving birth during COVID-19, but we felt safe from the moment we arrived at Overlake.

"Unexpectedly, my water broke eight days before my due date in September 2020. As we rushed to the hospital, my husband and I were overwhelmed and nervous. Shortly after checking into triage at 5 p.m., we decided to go home to rest and wait for labor to begin. By 8 p.m., contractions started and quickly intensified. By 9 p.m., we were back at the hospital, in our room and ready to go. Our nurses guided us through the important decisions ahead, set up my IV and administered a COVID test.  To everyone’s surprise, by 11 p.m. I had progressed from 4 cm to 10 cm dilated. My nurses and midwife said I was ready to start pushing, but I wanted to stick with my plan to get an epidural. They made it happen, and our daughter entered the world just before 2 a.m.

"The day we spent in the family recovery room was the most special part of our experience. From the nurses to the food, everything was top-notch. Our memories from our stay at Overlake are positive and warm. We especially appreciate the team of nurses who made sure we were prepared to leave the hospital to begin our life as a family of three. We highly recommend Overlake and plan on returning for our next child."

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