Birth Story: Stephán, Cheyenne and Octavia Gray

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Birth story submitted by Stephán, Cheyenne and Octavia Gray

"What a positive experience it was to deliver at the Overlake Childbirth Center! My wife, Cheyenne, and I arrived for an induction on the morning of Sept. 2, 2020, and every interaction we had with the nurses, doctors and staff was amazing.

“Whether it was the front desk staffer who took our before and after pictures, the room service staff who always had a smile for us and made sure we always had what we needed, or every nurse that came into our room just to check on us and our needs, we were met with a smile, an educated and compassionate answer, a willing attitude, and it made all of the difference to us.

"We live in Bothell, and we chose Overlake because we took notice to the care and service Cheyenne received. During each appointment, she had great interactions with staff. The people at Overlake are truly there for their patients. It’s not about getting people in and out as quickly as possible; it’s about making sure every question is answered, and there is a plan for when they leave.

"Cheyenne had excellent care from her obstetrician, Dr. Alyson Guillet, both before finding out she was pregnant, during her pregnancy and during her stay at the Childbirth Center. We understand it’s not as common, but as the father, I really wanted to be able to help with the birthing process. I wanted to help catch the baby and cut the umbilical cord, and Dr. Guillet was totally for it. She helped prepare me for what I needed to do, and because of that, I was given an amazing, unforgettable experience. She even made an effort to find us on the morning of Sept. 4, our discharge date, to check in with us and baby. It was so nice to see a familiar face before leaving.

"All of the nurses we interacted with were awesome as well. We didn’t catch all of their names, but Lisa, Martha and Rose are three of the nurses who helped with Cheyenne’s pre-birth care and delivery. They did great in interpreting Cheyenne’s wants and needs for her experience, and we were constantly encouraged and uplifted. Patricia, one of the night shift nurses for Cheyenne’s after-birth care, was really level-headed and gave us all the help we needed. There was another nurse we saw over the course of two shifts who was so helpful and kind, even if it was just to come down and change a diaper because we were tired. She jumped in and helped in any way she could.

"All in all, Overlake has given us an experience we won’t forget. We have nothing but good things to say about it. We know it’s not always an easy job, but we know the Overlake staff make a huge difference to every person that comes in, and we’re extremely grateful for that."

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